Why is Cities Skylines 2 Mod Support Delayed

Cities Skylines 2,” the much-anticipated sequel to the beloved city-building simulator, has been making waves in the gaming community, not just for its enhanced gameplay and next-gen features but also for its approach to mod support. The game, developed by Colossal Order and published by Paradox Interactive, has taken a new direction with its modding capabilities, sparking both excitement and concerns among its fanbase. Let’s dive into the world of “Cities Skylines 2” and explore how mod support is shaping the future of this urban planning and management saga.

Steam Workshop to Paradox Mods: Delays Mod Support in Cities Skylines 2

One of the most significant changes in “Cities Skylines 2” is the move away from Steam Workshop to Paradox Mods for mod support. This decision, as explained by Paradox Interactive, aims to make modding more inclusive by extending capabilities across different platforms, including PC and consoles. This inclusivity means that console players can now access Asset Mods from the library, a feature previously limited to PC gamers.

While the transition from Steam Workshop to Paradox Mods represents a significant shift, it’s seen as a step towards democratizing modding. All mods on Paradox Mods will be free for players, ensuring that everyone, regardless of their platform, can enjoy the enhanced gameplay that mods bring.

Cities Skylines 2 Mod Support

The In-Game Editor and Its Beta Phase

Another key aspect of mod support in “Cities Skylines 2” is the introduction of an in-game editor, currently in its beta phase. This editor is set to launch shortly after the game’s release, with a basic framework that will continuously expand and improve. The development team is collaborating with creators to ensure a robust selection of mods is available upon the editor’s launch.

The in-game editor’s roadmap and more detailed information are expected to be shared in the upcoming developer diaries, keeping the community informed and engaged with the game’s progress.

Performance Concerns and Developer Commitment on Mod Support For Cities Skylines 2

The move to next-gen features in “Cities Skylines 2” has not been without its challenges. The game’s performance, particularly after the announcement of raised minimum and recommended specs, has been a point of concern. The developers acknowledge that while they have worked tirelessly, the game has not yet reached the targeted performance benchmark.

Despite these challenges, the team believes that releasing the game now is the best way forward, with a commitment to continuous improvement over the coming months. This approach reflects a balance between showcasing the game’s unique features and managing player expectations regarding performance.

Looking Ahead: A Community-Driven Future

The changes in mod support for “Cities Skylines 2” represent a new chapter in the game’s history. By embracing a more inclusive platform and introducing an in-game editor, the developers are setting the stage for a more unified and creative community. The focus on continuous improvement and transparency indicates a commitment to not only maintaining but enhancing the player experience.

As “Cities Skylines 2” navigates these changes, the community’s role becomes more crucial than ever. Feedback, creativity, and engagement from players will shape the game’s evolution, ensuring that it remains a beloved title in the city-building genre.

To Wrap it all Up

In conclusion, “Cities Skylines 2” stands at the forefront of a new era in mod support, one that promises greater inclusivity and continuous development. As players and creators alike adapt to these changes, the future of urban simulation gaming looks brighter and more connected than ever.

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