How to Play as Fade in Valorant – Complete Guide

Fade is a really good starter character in Valorant who works well with the current style of gameplay. This Turkish bounty hunter gathers information about his enemies by giving them horrifying dreams. She can tap into people’s fear and use it to follow and defeat them without being noticed. In this guide for Valorant, you will learn all about the Turk Agent called Fade.

Fade is feared by her enemies because of her terrifying looks and frightening talents. It’s tough to imagine the paralyzing fear one might feel in the face of this powerful toxin on the battlefield. Yet, her expertise in using fear as a weapon makes her a potent threat in Valorant and an asset to any squad she joins.

Everything About Fade in Valorant

When it comes to scouting for opponents, clearing corners, and setting up deadly kills, Fade is one of the greatest agents around. Her skill in these key areas of the game is on par with Sova’s, giving her a great selection for players who want to advance rapidly. Her popularity among gamers is hardly shocking.

Our thorough guide has you covered whether you want to play as Fade, work with her, or defeat her. It’s full with insider knowledge and strategies that will put you ahead of the pack and at the top of the scoreboard. Don’t put off learning Fade any longer; start doing it right now.


Her Prowler works similarly to Skye’s Ultimate and the Twin Hunters ability in Spike Rush. When firing off a Prowler, it’ll move in a straight line, but you can guide it like you would a Skye flash as long as you’re holding down left-click. When it reaches an enemy it will lock onto them and Paranoia them on impact.

This is essentially a Raze Boombot or a Great Value Sova drone that she can actually follow up off of. Ideally your teammates would be in better positions to follow it up. Although, she’s self sufficient by being able to follow up her Prowlers.


Her signature ability Haunt also works similarly to Sova’s recon dart as when you throw it, they   glow as they would if they got tagged by Sova. Not only that, but the Haunt ‘Marks’ your enemy,   making you leave a trail wherever you run. This trail lasts for 12 seconds, and the cool thing about it is that if you deploy your Prowler, it’ll follow the trail. Player is tag only if the eye has line of sight, similar to Sova’s dart, and it can be broken. But the thing with her Haunt is that you can throw this thing pretty high up in the air, and it scans anything under it. Sometimes it’s harder to shoot than Sova’s drone.


It has similar trajectory to Phoenix’s Hot Hands ability but the cool thing about her Seize, is that if you press Q again while it’s in mid air, it’ll drop to the floor immediately where it’s at. Now this isn’t exactly a molly, but instead if you’re caught in its radius, it’ll immediately apply 75 decay damage. It’ll also tether you to the center of it, making it impossible to escape.


Amazing thing about this ability is how well it can combo with other agents. Just like with Astra’s stars and how well they combo with Killjoy’s Utility, so will Fade’s. Her Seize could also work really well in combination with other Initiators utility such as Breach’s Ultimate, or maybe even Raze’s Paintshells, or Neon’s Relay Bolts and slide ability.


For anyone caught in Fade’s Nightfall, they immediately take 75 decay damage, they’re trailed, and they’re deafened. The size of her Ultimate is similar in size to Breach’s Ultimate. And like his,   it’s great for retake, attack, and overall just really solid information. The fact the enemy has trails coming from them makes executes, whether on retake or attack, much easier.


Overall, Fade’s Kit is incredible, and on maps especiallylike Bind, Split, Ascent, and Haven, she is absolutely going to be Meta. You’ll probably want to favor other Agents on Maps like Icebox, and Breeze, but even there it she could definitely work paired with another initiator. 


Defeat your enemies once and for all with the knowledge and strategies provided in this comprehensive guide to using the Fade agent in Valorant. Fade is an unstoppable force because to her deadly talents and amazing ability. Everyone from seasoned veterans to complete rookies can find useful information in our guide. So get in and begin to harness her power with our professional advice and methods, and transform into a dreaded agent that your adversaries fear.

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