How to Play as Sova in Valorant – Complete Guide

This hunter is very skilled and determined, making him one of the best initiators in the game. Sova, who is from Russia’s cold tundra, uses his special bow and excellent scouting skills to find and kill his enemies very accurately. He is very important to any group because he is really good at gathering information. It’s not surprising that a team without Sova would do poorly in the rankings. RephraseLet’s find out how to use Sova’s special abilities to our advantage in Valorant with our detailed Sova guide.

Everything About Sova

Sova with his masterfully crafted bow, unleashes a flurry of high-tech recon bolts that can reveal the position of even the most elusive foes. But that’s not all – this expert hunter also has access to shock bolts that can stun and wound his enemies, leaving them reeling and vulnerable to his team’s onslaught.

His signature weapon is a marvel of technology and design, customized to suit his unique needs and deadly accuracy. With his arsenal of recon and shock bolts, he can expertly scout the battlefield and unleash devastating attacks with ease. In the hands of a skilled player, Sova’s bow can turn the tide of battle and secure victory for his team. So, beware the piercing whistle of his arrows, for when they strike, it may be too late to dodge the hunter’s deadly aim.

Is Sova good for you?

Sova Strengths in Valorant

  1. An very effective ult that may force foes out from cover.
  2. Contributes remarkable vision to the group.
  3. Having the ability to properly scout and deliver damage from behind cover.

Sova Weaknesses in Valorant

  1. Skills need excellent aim and familiarity with maps and angles.
  2. An ineffective drone ability that can be simply destroyed.
  3. Challenges in dealing with increasingly assertive opponents who do not really hunker down.

Sovas Ability: Recon Bolt

Sova`s signature ability, recon bolt this is the most important ability that sova has as it’s his main way of gathering information for the team. It is an arrow that you can throw to the ground walls or objects, and the arrow will then send out a sonar signal that will identify any players that fall under it. The sonar signal will be sent out three times and each signal lasts about two to three seconds.

How to use the Recon Bolt

Use the Recon bolt in Valorant to scout important site locations or chokepoints for your team, rather than for personal gain. Keep in mind that the enemy will only be spotted in the arrow’s line of sight.

When and where to use the Recon Bolt

Recon bolt should be thrown in an area where you expect potential enemy players to be at. One other note to be aware of is that the sonar signal will not go through objects or walls. If you shoot a recon bolt and a wall obstructs an enemy player, the recon bolt won’t spot them, and you might deceive yourself into thinking that the area or site is clear.

Sovas Ability: Owl Drone

Next ability we have is Owl Drone, this is the next big of sova`s ability and is incredibly valuable to get tons of information which is why it’s worth 300 credits. It can actually cover more areas than recon bolt. However, it moves very slowly and makes a lot of noise so enemies will be able to hear it and adapt their positions to avoid being spotted.

It can also be shot down early by enemies to avoid giving too much free information. With this drone you can also shoot a dart out that will reveal an enemy’s location for a short period of time. This is very useful for forcing the player to have to back away which creates space for your team to push and take control of a site or choke point.

Make sure that you do stay a safe distance away from where enemies can be with these owl drones. Though, as some enemy players may decide to push you when you use this ability as it will be easier for them to shoot you at that time.

How to use the Owl Drone

When it comes to gathering intel in Valorant, precision is key, and the owl drone provides just that, making it the ideal ability to use before making any sudden moves. Whether you’ve already fired a Recon Bolt or you’re unsure if a location is clear, send out the drone to track down any hidden enemies that may have eluded the bolt’s detection, then quickly mark them with a tracking dart to alert your team. But be mindful of your tactics – enemies will be on the lookout for drones at head level, so make sure to fly it low, or even better, use it as a bait to lure out an unsuspecting enemy and take them down with a tactical team maneuver.

When and where to use the Owl Drone

Despite its 10-second flight limit, the owl drone can still be a game-changer in Valorant. Perfect for scouting around sites and detecting enemies before a crucial push, this gadget can also be used to locate a single enemy in a tight space and lure them into a trap. So, make every second count with the owl drone and turn the tides of battle in your favor.

Sovas Ability: Shock Bolt


You throw an arrow and it will burst in an area that lands and deal damage to whoever is in its area of effect. Each shock bolt will do approximately 70 to 80 damage, if you’re in the direct center of it. So, it’s not a hard hitting ability but it can do a ton of damage that can then make it easier. Similarly like recon bolt you can also bounce this ability which can be very useful to safely identify areas that you wouldn’t be able to normally access.


How to use the Shock Bolt

Shock bolt is an essential tool in your arsenal. But don’t be fooled by its explosive power – this nifty gadget is best used to damage enemies and force them off critical locations. So, before you make your move, use the shock bolt to your advantage and check those tricky corners and cover spots. With a little bit of strategic thinking, you can use this tool to give yourself the upper hand and dominate the battlefield.

When and where to use the Shock Bolt

Using a shock bolt on the cubby area on Ascent when suspecting an enemy player’s presence can help clear it out and bait them into peeking out, leading to their demise. The next most useful way to use shock bolt is to stop a spike plant or to prevent someone from defusing the spike. Just like with recon bolt there are lineups that can allow you to hit common areas of the map.

Sovas Ability: Hunters Fury


Lastly we have sova’s ultimate hunter’s fury. This ability will allow you to do a powerful aero blast that goes through the entire map. The Hunter’s Fury ability hits anyone in its line of fire with 80 damage and outlines their location for a short time, helping to identify the ideal spot for firing the second shot.


You can get up to three shots with hunter’s fury and you really want to get information prior to using sova’s ultimate otherwise you will be altering without any idea of enemy locations and you’re likely to miss your shots and waste the ultimate. To properly use sova’s ultimate you first want to get information on enemy locations and you can achieve this with recon vault or owl drone.

How to use Hunters Fury

Hunters’ Fury is ideal for narrow hallways and denying spike defusal. Combine it with Sova’s Recon bolt and Owl drone for maximum effectiveness. Hunters’ Fury is a great tool for covering possible rotations and keeping your enemies on their toes.

When and where to use the Hunters Fury

In Valorant, timing is everything – and when it comes to Sova’s Hunters Fury, it’s no different. Save this game-changing ability for the late game when it matters most – like during a spike plant. And when you do unleash Hunters Fury, make sure you’re in a narrow environment where your enemies have nowhere to run and nowhere to hide. That’s when you’ll dish out the maximum amount of damage and leave your opponents quaking in their boots.

Wrapping Up

In fact, Sova’s skills are quite potent during these pistol rounds. Players won’t have complete or any armor, which is the reason for it. This Sova guide has covered a lot of territory, but the adventure is not done. For more tools to hone your abilities and broaden your knowledge as a Valorous player, go through our other resources.

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