How to Open Cragcroftshire Treasure Vaults Hogwarts Legacy

Cragcroftshire Treasure Vaults Hogwarts Legacy: “Hogwarts Legacy” offers loads of quests and vaults, adding intensity to the mystical world. Players can embark on exceptional quests, every with its personal demanding situations and rewards, making the journey thru Hogwarts wealthy and tasty. Vaults, secretive locations inside the wizarding international, provide fascinating exploration possibilities and mysteries to resolve. The recreation’s mix of quests and vaults guarantees an immersive experience for players, permitting them to uncover hidden tales and magic within the Harry Potter universe.

Cragcroftshire Treasure Vaults in Hogwarts Legacy

Cragcroftshire is the southern location observed simply north of the Clagmar Coast and east of Manor Cape. The Cragcroftshire vicinity features 5 Merlin Trials, diverse landmarks which includes Astronomy Tables, and several Collectibles if you want to find out.

There are 13 Treasure Vaults in Cragcroftshire. Some of them have a special cube that can only be activated with a specific spell.

Cragcroftshire Treasure Vaults Hogwarts Legacy

Treasure #1

The first vault is near Cragcroft Shore Floo Flame. After leaving the unmountable location, move left across the mountain to discover the vault’s entrance by the waterfall.

Go west from the platform to identify an enchanted cube near damaged cages. Use Accio or Wingardium Leviosa to manual it back to the platform and ignite it with a hearth spell. Beat the Inferius internal and open the chest.

If guiding the dice is hard, attempt the Levitation spell to place it on a rock, then swim to the platform and get it.

Treasure #2

The second vault can be found to the southeast of the Cragcroft Shore Floo Flame. It is located on top of a mountain. Get rid of the spider webs and take the treasure chest inside.

Treasure #3

The third vault is in the west part of Cragcroftshire, but you can get there easily by going east from the last vault. Jump into the water and collect the treasure.

Treasure #4

To get to the vault, fly southeast from the Cragcroft Shore waypoint or just go east from the 3rd  vault, that’s less difficult. Use a hearth spell to burn the spider webs in Hogwarts Legacy and cross into the cave. Inside, you’ll need to defeat an Acromantula and solve a puzzle.

After the battle, focus on the rocks floating in the air and use simple attacks to make them stop. This will create a chest.

Treasure #5

The subsequent vault is inside the west of Cragcroftshire Region. But, you need Alohomora III to open the door, and meaning collecting Demiguise Statues in Hogwarts Legacy. To attain the chest, go through the archway from the other side and appearance again to find it.

Treasure #6

While you’re still in the west of Cragcroftshire, fly southeast from wherein you were before to get to the following vault. Open the gate the use of Accio or Depulso.

Inside, to solve the puzzle, use Wingardium Leviosa on the dice and glide it through the opening above the quick pillars. Then, stand between the pillars, intention at the dice, and use Depulso to area it on the platform. This will finish the puzzle.

Treasure #7

The seventh Treasure Vault is south of the Cragcroft Floo Fire. Filtering the levers with revelio in hogwarts bequest. Once interior, cast Revelio to stamp four out of the 12 levers and utilize Accio to drag them. The key levers are not the same for each player because it is arbitrary.

Treasure #8

Because this vault is also situated south of the Cragcroft Floo Flame, you can get there by going south from the seventh vault. Go towards the west to find the magic cube in a broken boat and bring it back. Use Glacius in Hogwarts Legacy to open the entrance to the vault and get the treasure.

Treasure #9

Go southwest from the Cragcroft waypoint in Hogwarts Legacy to discover the vault close to a few Moonstones. Use Alohomora III to open the door and go within the cave. Look to the left of the doorway to find the chest hidden in the back of an illusionary wall.

Treasure #10

To get to the tenth vault, fly southwest from Cragcroft Hamlet or west from wherein you have been earlier than. You’ll locate the doorway on the shore, so fly all the way down to see it. Burn the vines on the proper side, then pull the lever to open the door and get the chest inside.

To Wrap it all Up

In “Hogwarts Legacy,” quests and vaults convey the mystical international to life. Quests provide specific demanding situations and rewards, at the same time as vaults add mystery. The recreation combines each for an immersive adventure into the Harry Potter universe’s hidden magic. Cragcroftshire Treasure Vaults stand out in the southern area, with 13 hidden treasures requiring precise spells to spark off special cubes. From careful cube steerage to defeating enemies and fixing puzzles, each vault presents its personal adventure. These treasures consist of overcoming demanding situations, manipulating levers, and navigating illusionary partitions. The harmonious combination of quests and vaults in “Hogwarts Legacy” guarantees players have an enticing and mesmerizing enjoy.

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