How to Get Dead Island 2 Golden Weapons Pack

“Dead Island 2” is a brand new online game that lots of zombie enthusiasts are sincerely excited about. It’s an motion game wherein you could discover a big world and play a function like a individual in a story. This game is the next a part of the “Dead Island” collection that many human beings like. It takes vicinity in a pretend model of California it’s been taken over through zombies.

Golden Weapons Pack in Dead Island 2

Golden Weapons are certainly cool guns that you could find in the game Dead Island 2. However, the special items can best be obtained in case you purchase the Deluxe or Gold versions of the game. Once you have those unique versions, you may use a pack of effective guns referred to as the Golden Weapons Pack in Dead Island 2.

What is Inside The Golden Weapons Pack

The Gold Weapons Pack consists of two special weapons: Abuela’s Ashes and One-Hit Wonder (formerly called Sam B’s Pistol). Abuela’s Ashes is a powerful weapon that you could use to hit your enemies with incredible pressure, and One-Hit Wonder is a completely strong pistol. These weapons belong to distinctive styles.

Dead Island 2 Golden Weapons Pack

Abuela’s Ashes is a weapon used to hit enemies a lot of times, even as One-Hit Wonder is a weapon used to shoot enemies. These weapons can have the equal energy as your character’s level and they’re of high quality.

Although the percent is called ‘Gold,’ you can collect those guns no longer just with the costly Gold Edition however also with the extra low priced Deluxe Edition of the game. If you need each set of guns we discussed, you’ll have to buy the maximum costly version of the game.

How to Get Dead Island 2 Golden Weapons Pack

When you start playing Dead Island 2, the objects you purchased can be displayed at the screen. For example, when you have the Deluxe and Gold, a message will appear announcing that you have those editions.

You will even receive a message saying that you can use the unique items that include the Deluxe and Gold editions. These amazing objects are in the Sterling Hotel. That’s in which you may find the Dead Island 2 Golden Weapons Pack. To get to the Sterling Hotel, you need to play the main story for about 3 to 4 hours. This way that you want to finish most of the main story before you’re able to visit this Hotel.

When you are visiting the Sterling Hotel, go with these instructions:

  • Enter the Hotel and walk immediately to the lobby. After a quick scene, you may come upon a main quest referred to as “Plumbing the Depths”.
  • Do what the search tells you and move left to locate the hotel bar on the lodge.
  • At the bar, you’ll come across a person called Dougie. He will give you all of the special things you earned, like the Golden Pack Weapons.

To Wrap it all Up

“Dead Island 2” has created pleasure amongst folks who like zombies because of its attractive and sensible gameplay. The new recreation in the “Dead Island” series takes area in California, which is infested with zombies. The Golden Weapons Pack is a special function that includes effective guns together with Abuela’s Ashes and One-Hit Wonder. To get this, players ought to have the Deluxe or Gold variations.

Even though they have fancy names, you can nevertheless get those guns within the less expensive Deluxe Edition. After signing in, players get messages approximately what they bought and are proven the way to the Sterling Hotel to get rewards. You can get entry to this location after gambling the primary tale for approximately three to four hours. If players comply with the commands, they can find Dougie on the hotel bar and get the special Golden Weapons Pack they want. In easy words, “Dead Island 2” is a a laugh game that combines action, planning, and excitement as you combat against zombies in a international after a disaster.

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