Dead Island 2 The Final Preview

On April 21, 2023, Dead Island 2 will come back and it will have the same style of funny and exaggerated zombie killing that the series is known for, along with some new things. The creators of the game, Dambusters Studio and Deep Silver, have made a really violent version of Los Angeles for us to play in. A place where everything competes to survive.


At the beginning of Dead Island 2, you’ll see a cutscene depicting your party members escaping a zombie-infested location by aircraft. It was just a matter of time until zombies boarded the aircraft as it took off on its journey. When they spread to more and more people, the screen becomes dark. After what seems like a long blackout, you awake to see the plane’s fuselage smashed and in flames. Quite a bit of heat, if you know what I mean. As you explore the jet and accident site, the game provides a helpful tutorial that familiarises you with the interface and basic controls. After talking to a few NPCs, your first real assignment will be to track down the residence of a famous person. Is it as simple as it sounds?

Let’s speak about Slayers for a second at the game’s outset, you get to choose from six of Hell-most A’s effective zombie killers. Everyone has their advantages and disadvantages, so think carefully about who you want to play as. Instead of me boring you with a list of all the Slayers and their abilities, I suggest you go out and experience it for yourself. Dani and Ryan were, however, the two I liked the most. Dani is an Irish native, raised in Cork. Her strong stamina comes at the cost of slow health regeneration, making her more of a brawler than a healer. Ryan is a male dancer who was disguised as a firefighter during the time of the pandemic. His massive weaponry allows him to drive back hordes of zombies, giving him breathing room and protecting him from being devoured.

Dead Island 2 VG

Dead Island 2 has several weapons. From a board to a meat hammer. Every weapon is different. A meat cleaver can quickly cut and slash zombies. To rapidly decapitate Zs, use a shovel or blade. To kill more zombies, swing a concrete post. Warning: your weapons will decay fast and break at any time. With nails and sticky tape, you can remedy this. Just a workstation. Luckily, Dead Island 2 has several places to find them. Weapon upgrades are another fun workbench pastime. You’ll know how to boost your weapons’ elemental damage if you’ve played a zombie game. Dead Island 2 follows the same path, but there’s little use in improving a winning concept.

Dead Island 2’s levels are explorable despite their linear gameplay. Always feel guided. This avoids distractions, which is beneficial. I completed many major and small side tasks in the demo. Each one continued the story and revealed additional character details. Experience points from kills and other actions may level your character. To unlock stronger cards, you must level up. Dropkick an opponent’s Z using these cards. Your block will push back zombies. allowing you to run or use a heavy weapon.


Only zombie species remain to debate. Cut and hack which Zs? Shamblers—old, decaying zombies—are easy to kill. The ordinary Walkers, or zombies, are easy to kill until they swarm. Faster runners will rush to you. If they persist, turn to them and smack them. Dead Island 2 contains several Apex zombies. Screamers and Crushers are zombies that fit their titles. The next steps are evident. Slobber follows. They’ll vomit acidic substances on you. Avoid the caustic goop and hit the skull! Every zombie has distinct tastes. Certain z’s are totally armored, therefore you must attack their limbs instead. The zombies with body armor are equipped with grenades. They’re fun, but if you go too close, you’ll be hurled back and require bandages. We’re excited to witness Hell-new A’s undead.

Graphics & Audio

My first impressions of Dead Island 2 were really favorable. Please keep in mind that this is a pre-release version and not the final product. It’s stunning to look at. Everything about it, from the setting to the undead, is stunning. With the correct slashes of a sharp weapon, you can observe the deformation of each zombie’s organs, skin, and clothes in motion. If you hit a zombie in the skull with a hammer, it will likely lose its teeth. The level of detail is that high, yes!

The game’s audio is likewise really good. There will be plenty of zombie moans and cries, as well as the expected music that will increase in volume when the number of zombies or the appearance of a zombie boss increases. In any case, take pleasure in the lovely soundtrack as you rip zombies to shreds!



Due to the early access nature of the build, we were only given a little taste of the game, amounting to around 5 hours of playtime, with no real idea of how long the whole game may last. Yet, make the game more interesting by including cooperative play. Bringing in as many as three pals to Hell-A with you is a fantastic idea. It will be exciting to see how Dead Island 2 handles the exploration mechanic, which is one of the more enjoyable features of a co-op game. Playing this game, I know you will have a fantastic time.

Final Verdict

Even though this is just a preview, I really want to give Dead Island 2 a reward. Even though some people were worried about the game’s framerate, it is still a very well-made game. However, some degree of anticipation is expected with any preview. With that being said, we are excited to see how the final version of the game compares to what we have seen up until now.

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