How to Complete Polysemy Mission in Destiny 2

In the ever-evolving universe of Destiny 2, the introduction of the “Polysemy” mission in the Season of the Wish has added a new layer of excitement and challenge for Guardians. This mission, a pivotal part of the 23rd season’s questline, is not just a mere addition to the game’s expansive lore; it’s a test of skill, strategy, and cooperation. Let’s dive into what makes the “Destiny 2 Polysemy” mission a must-play for every Guardian out there.

Mission Polysemy in Destiny 2

Polysemy, found in the Wing of the Defiant at the War Table, is a mission that takes players through a series of intricate and challenging steps. The mission’s name, “Polysemy,” which refers to a word or phrase with multiple meanings, is fitting for a mission that requires players to adapt to various scenarios and strategies. The mission’s multifaceted nature is a perfect embodiment of its name, offering a rich and dynamic experience.

Destiny 2 Polysemy

The Polysemy Mission Breakdown in Destiny 2

  • Launch the Mission: The journey begins in Riven’s Lair. Players navigate through the lair, using portals and following a diamond icon to progress.
  • Activate the Plates: In the Fetid Conduct area, players face enemies like Goblins while searching for and activating plates. This stage requires both combat skills and puzzle-solving abilities.
  • Destroy Nodes: This part involves freeing an Orge from a Vex trap by destroying nodes. Players must balance between shooting nodes and combating enemies, adding a layer of tactical depth to the mission.
  • Activate Portals Again: Players need to activate three plates located at different platforms, followed by overcoming the Aspirational Construct using the Super Charge.
  • Pick Up the Egg: The final stage involves retrieving an egg from the backdoor of the Pavilion, marking the completion of the mission.

Tips for Success

Teamwork: Polysemy is a cooperative mission, so bring along two friends. Team coordination is key.

Power Level: Ensure your power level is at least 1600 for a smoother experience.

Play Style: Adopt a passive playstyle when necessary, especially while dealing with nodes and potent enemies.

The Wishing All the Best Quest

Completing the Polysemy mission unlocks the “Wishing All the Best” quest, another integral part of the Season of the Wish. This quest involves a deal with Riven, the Ahamkara, and is a continuation of the story that unfolds throughout the season. The quest steps include speaking to various characters like Riven and Mara Sov, completing activities like Riven’s Lair, and participating in the Blind Well runs. Each step reveals more about the lore and prepares players for the upcoming Final Shape expansion.

Key Points to Remember

  1. Seasonal Nature: The quest is seasonal, so it’s best to complete it before the season ends.
  2. Story Progression: The quest updates weekly, adding new steps and unfolding the story gradually.

To Wrap it all Up

The “Destiny 2 Polysemy” mission and the subsequent “Wishing All the Best” quest are more than just additions to the game; they are testaments to Destiny 2’s commitment to providing a rich, evolving narrative and challenging gameplay. Whether you’re strategizing in the depths of Riven’s Lair or uncovering the mysteries of the Ahamkara, these missions offer a unique blend of lore, challenge, and teamwork. So, gear up, Guardian, and dive into the Season of the Wish, where every decision, every battle, and every wish shapes your destiny.

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