Is Diablo 4 DLC on the way?

In the pipeline for Diablo 4 are upcoming DLC and expansion packs, and we have gathered comprehensive information about our journey back to Sanctuary following the conclusion of Diablo 4.

Diverging from the realm of seasonal content, the Diablo 4 DLC distinguishes itself by not being a mere assortment of minor add-ons or a new questline; rather, it emerges as a substantial expansion comparable to the impactful Diablo 2: The Lord of Destruction or Diablo 3’s Reaper of Souls. Traditionally, these expansion packs not only extend the storyline but also introduce a fresh Act and often incorporate additional character classes.

As a multitude of players approach the climax of the game and witness its resolution, the intrigue surrounding Diablo 4 DLC heightens. This article delves into our insights regarding future content in Diablo 4, covering details about the inaugural major expansion pack, Vessel of Hatred, and what lies ahead.

Is Diablo 4 DLC on the way?

Diablo 4 DLC

Certainly, the initial significant expansion for Diablo 4, or the forthcoming DLC known as Vessel of Hatred, is slated for release in 2024. Following the defeat of Lilith, the expansion unfolds with Neyrelle transporting Mephisto’s Soulstone to Sanctuary in an attempt to cleanse the world of the Prime Evils. However, the DLC’s title suggests that Mephisto may be manipulating Neyrelle, intending to orchestrate his own invasion by utilizing her as a conduit or a “vessel.”

Devotees of Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 will likely recognize Blizzard’s approach to Diablo DLC. Following the release of Diablo 3, Reaper of Souls was introduced later, significantly advancing the storyline. Subsequently, new character classes such as the Crusader and Necromancer were introduced. A similar strategy was employed with Diablo 2’s The Lord of Destruction.

During Gamescom, Rod Fergusson alluded to the notion of annual updates, hinting at the possibility of Diablo 4 receiving an expansion pack each year in addition to multiple seasons. Fergusson stated, “If you look at the launch of the game and this first season, we see that as building a foundation on which we can build for the future. So, as we look at our quarterly seasons, and we look at our annual expansions, those are the things that we’re really focused on for our live service.”

What is in Diablo 4 DLC?

Paraphrase and rewrite this article without plagiarism “After overcoming Lilith, the dying demon princess issues a foreboding warning to the player regarding the Prime Evils. With her no longer hindering them, there is a looming threat of their invasion into Sanctuary once again. The player is then presented with a vision of Diablo, hinting at the Lord of Terror’s imminent return.

In a surprising turn, Nyrelle absconds with Mephisto’s Soulstone and embarks on a ship journey to an undisclosed location, leaving her intentions shrouded in mystery. She communicates with the player character, urging them not to pursue her and to trust that she understands the gravity of her actions. The concluding scene reveals the wolf aspect of Mephisto trailing Nyrelle, suggesting that he may be the first of the Prime Evils to confront in future DLC, a theory supported by findings from data miners.

The Vessel of Hatred trailer also appears to affirm Mephisto’s journey back to Kurast, the location he ravaged in Diablo 2:

Diablo IV | Vessel of Hatred | Expansion Announce Trailer

While Lilith assumed the role of the primary antagonist in the base game, Diablo, Baal, and Mephisto are the central villains of the series. It was always anticipated that the game would incorporate or foreshadow their return in some manner, especially considering Diablo’s conspicuous absence in Diablo 4.

Now that Mephisto, Diablo’s brother, has returned to Sanctuary, the possibility of corrupting Nyrelle arises, while Diablo and Baal likely have their own machinations for a comeback. Could this have been the Prime Evil’s strategy all along? With Lilith, the most formidable threat to the Lords of Hell, eliminated, their path to dominance in Hell, Heaven, and Sanctuary may now be unobstructed.


In conclusion, the prospect of Diablo 4 DLC has ignited excitement among the fan base, promising to expand the immersive world of Sanctuary even further. As players eagerly await the release, the anticipation is fueled by the potential for new storylines, characters, and challenges. The developers’ commitment to post-launch content ensures that the Diablo 4 experience will continue to evolve, offering both seasoned and new players additional reasons to delve into the dark and thrilling universe crafted by Blizzard Entertainment.

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