Disney Clarifies Blade Platform Exclusivity Questions

Disney has addressed inquiries regarding platform exclusivity for Marvel’s Blade in the wake of Arkane Studios’ recent title announcement.

Disney has provided clarification on the platform exclusivity concerns surrounding Marvel’s Blade, emphasizing that Bethesda has full discretion in determining the game’s target platforms. While Disney’s statements do provide some insights, they may not fully resolve the confusion sparked within the fan community by Marvel’s Blade announcement.

Marvel’s Blade Announcement

The recently revealed Blade game by Arkane Studios, known for developing Dishonored, was announced during The Game Awards 2023 on December 7. The unveiling consisted of an 83-second CGI teaser that concluded with the game’s logo, omitting any mention of its intended platforms. This omission led to widespread speculation about the potential release on PlayStation, despite being developed by a subsidiary of Bethesda, a part of the Microsoft-owned ZeniMax Media.

The fate of Marvel’s Blade and its potential release on PlayStation remains uncertain and is contingent on Bethesda’s decision, according to a statement from a Disney representative reported by Axios’s Stephen Totilo. The specific platforms for the game seem to be undecided for the time being, further complicated by Bethesda’s refusal to address inquiries about Xbox exclusivity for Marvel’s Blade.

Given Bethesda’s reluctance to specify target platforms and Disney’s recent clarification, there’s a plausible scenario where Marvel’s Blade is in the early stages of pre-production. With contemporary AAA development cycles averaging around five years, it’s conceivable that the game might miss the current console generation, possibly explaining the absence of platform details in its teaser. The inclusion of a “now in development” tagline in the reveal video aligns with the theory that work on Marvel’s Blade has recently commenced.

While the project may still be in its nascent phase, it’s doubtful that Bethesda omitted a generic Xbox logo from the trailer solely due to its early stage. Microsoft grants considerable autonomy to its game studios, but the exclusion of platform branding from the teaser is unlikely to have occurred without the explicit approval or direction of the company.

Not Even Bethesda Might Know Marvel’s Blade Target Platforms

The recent legal disputes related to the finalized Activision Blizzard acquisition unveiled instances where Bethesda was occasionally mistaken for Microsoft’s platform strategy. The uncertainty about Marvel’s Blade potentially arriving on PlayStation raises the possibility that even Bethesda may currently lack a definitive answer. However, considering Microsoft’s historical patterns, there are indications that Arkane Studios’ forthcoming title might become an Xbox console exclusive.


In conclusion, Disney’s clarification on Blade platform exclusivity questions provides valuable insights into the distribution strategy for this anticipated streaming service. The guide’s conclusion underscores the importance of staying informed about exclusive content and platform accessibility. As the landscape of streaming services evolves, the conclusion encourages readers to keep abreast of updates from Disney and explore the diverse content offerings on the Blade platform.

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