How to Get Down with The Ship Hearthstone Card

In Hearthstone, some cards make the game more enjoyable. For instance, there is a card named Yogg-Saron that does unpredictable things by using random spells. Some people, like Leeroy Jenkins, make a big impact or entrance. King Mukla gives players bananas, which is silly. Some cards, such as ETC and Whizbang, have amusing names and make the game more enjoyable. These cards make Hearthstone more fun by adding humor and surprise to the game. Today, we are going to talk about How to Get Down With The Ship Hearthstone Card.

Down with The Ship Card in Hearthstone

Down with the Ship is a very interesting and special card in the game Hearthstone. Priced at only 2 Mana, it is classified as a Rare Death Knight Spell in the TITANS set. It has two effects. First, it causes 3 damage to an enemy, which is useful for getting rid of weaker enemies or slowly reducing the health of a stronger one. However, the special thing about this card is its second part. After causing harm, it mixes two random Plague cards into your opponent’s deck.

Down With The Ship Hearthstone

These Plague playing cards have robust and disruptive results. They can damage their minions or summon risky creatures. So, while you use the cardboard “Down with the Ship,” it can cause damage to your opponent and also make their destiny chaotic. This makes it a strategic and unpredictable card to have in your deck. This is a really good example of how Hearthstone makes the game fun and unexpected.

How to Get Down with The Ship Card in Hearthstone

There are several different ways, you can easily get the Down with The Ship Card in Hearthstone. We will explain a few ways to get Down with The Ship Card in Hearthstone, down below.

Card Packs

You might come across it by chance when you open certain card packs, such as the Standard Pack, Golden Standard Pack, TITANS Pack, Death Knight Pack, or Golden TITANS Pack. You could get one or two of these items when you open these packs.


You can make a regular card by paying 100 Dust, or you can make a special shiny Golden card for 800 Dust.


Sometimes, you might receive it as a prize for completing an Arena or Heroic Duels challenge. It is given out without any specific order or pattern.


If you do well in Ranked mode and get a high rank at the end of the season, you might get 1 to 7 cards as a bonus in a chest.


You can also get this card by finishing specific goals. For instance, if you achieve Silver 10 or Gold 10 in Ranked mode (in any category), you may get 1 to 2 of these cards as a prize.

To Wrap it all Up

Hearthstone has a huge type of playing cards that carry an exciting element of wonder and humor to the sport, which makes it amusing for players. Cards consisting of Yogg-Saron, Leeroy Jenkins, and King Mukla create disorder, interesting ways of beginning, and precise regulations that make the sport thrilling. The Down with The Ship card, which is a part of the TITANS set, is a perfect example.

For best 2 Mana, this card reasons harm and puts disruptive Plague playing cards into your opponent’s deck, giving you greater strategic options. Hearthstone constantly surprises and entertains players. You can get the Down with The Ship card in specific methods, together with beginning card packs, growing it through crafting, finishing achievements, getting rewards in ranked matches, or taking part in unique occasions. This ensures that gamers have many alternatives to experience the card’s unique talents.

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