Everspace 2: Legendary Ships & How to Get it

Everspace 2 created by Rockfish Games is a space combat game that follows the genre. Players can explore a range of spacecrafts each, with its distinct abilities and playstyle. Amongst these spacecrafts the legendary ships stand out as the grant players a substantial advantage during battles. In this article we will delve into the topic of Everspace 2 Legendary Ships. Discuss strategies, on how to obtain them.

Everspace 2: Legendary Ships

The legendary ships in Everspace 2 hold power. They pose a formidable challenge when it comes to acquiring and defeating them. However with thinking and dedicated effort players can overcome the mightiest of these legendary ships.


The Hades gunship is a warship, boasting armor and formidable weaponry. It reigns as the vessel, within the game of enduring substantial damage. Nevertheless its sluggishness makes it a challenging ship to navigate during combat situations.


The Valkyrie is an swift medium attacker perfect, for executing hit and run tactics. It boasts maneuverability allowing it to swiftly approach foes. Nonetheless it is also the ship and must exercise caution to avoid being easily destroyed.


The Phoenix is a light scout that is well-rounded and can be used for a variety of tasks. It is the most versatile ship in the game, and it can be customized to suit different playstyles. However, it is also the least powerful ship, and it may struggle against tougher enemies.


The Artemis serves as a sentinel specializing in engaging enemies from afar. Renowned, for its precision this ship inflicts damage with long range attacks. Nevertheless it also comes with heightened vulnerability making it susceptible, to destruction when engaged in close quarters combat.


The Odysseus is a freighter designed for both trading and exploration purposes. It stands out as the spacious vessel available offering cargo capacity. However it’s important to note that the ship lacks combat capabilities and is best suited for combat activities such, as trading and exploration.

How to get Everspace 2 Legendary Ships

To get your hands on a ship you’ll need to start by locating its blueprint. These blueprints can be discovered within the depths of Ancient Rifts, regions of space teeming with adversaries and enticing rewards. Once you’ve secured a blueprint the next step is to gather all the required resources for constructing the ship. You can obtain these resources through asteroid mining, vanquishing enemies and accomplishing missions.

How to Defeat Everspace 2 Legendary Ships

  • Make sure to equip yourself with the weapons and modules. Legendary ships are known for their armor so it’s crucial for players to utilize weaponry that can effectively damage them. Additionally consider using modules that can enhance your damage output or increase your chances of survival.
  • It’s important to have patience when dealing with ships as they can be quite challenging to defeat. Players will need to exhibit persistence and remain determined, throughout the process.
  • Take advantage of the environment, around you. If possible attempt to entice ships into asteroid fields or other dangerous regions. This strategy will provide players with a hand, during the battle.


The legendary ships in Everspace 2 are incredibly powerful providing players with an edge, in combat. However acquiring and conquering these vessels is no task. With strategizing and determination players can overcome the most formidable legendary ships.

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