Final Fantasy XI Weapons Guide

The legendary massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) Final Fantasy XI is known for its huge weaponry. We shall examine the wide variety of weapons that explorers can employ in Vana’diel in this guide, offering details on their types, characteristics, and potential applications. Understanding the nuances of these weaponry is essential to succeeding in the game’s dynamic combat, regardless of your level of experience or exploration. In this article we’ll be talking in detail about Final Fantasy XI Weapons Guide.

Hand to Hand weapons

In Final Fantasy XI, hand-to-hand weapons are specialised melee weapons that emphasise swift, flurry-like attacks and distinctive weapon talents. However, several other jobs, such Puppetmaster and Dancer, can also employ hand-to-hand weaponry. Monks are the main users of these weapons.

Hand-to-hand weapons are useful for striking targets quickly since they frequently have quick attack speeds. They frequently give benefits to attack speed, critical hit rate, and accuracy, enabling monks to produce reliable and potent combinations. Hand-to-hand weapons make up for their lower raw damage output relative to heavy weapons like greatswords and axes with their quick and persistent attacks. These weapons can be upgraded using FFXI Gil.

Hand-to-hand weaponry come in a variety of forms, some of that have particular advantages. As an illustration, Adargas-style weapons often raise Guarding skill, while Puppetmasters are the only ones who can use Saintis.

1. Daggers

Final Fantasy XI’s dagger weapons provide a quick and nimble playstyle, making them a desirable option for job classes who value speed and precision over raw damage. Although other characters like Bard and Corsair can use them as well, the Thief and Dancer job classes are primarily known for using these weapons.

Daggers often have a swift attack speed, which makes them great for quickly landing several blows. They frequently offer enhancements to accuracy, critical hit rate, and occasionally evasion, enabling users to deliver accurate blows and deflect enemy attacks. Daggers make up for their lack of raw power by striking quickly and repeatedly, unlike stronger weapons.

Only the Thief and Dancer generally employ daggers as their primary weapon of destruction.

Final Fantasy XI Weapons Guide

Many Corsairs use daggers in conjunction with their Marksmanship weapon skills to gain TP quickly. Red Mages occasionally utilise daggers as well, taking advantage of their short delay to boost the power of their en-spells. The Dexterity stat is used to improve damage in the majority of dagger weapon skills, which are multi-hit.

2. Swords

One-handed weapons with slashing damage are known as swords. Some swords, such rapier and epee-types, instead deal piercing damage. The only jobs who prefer to employ swords in combat are Paladins, Blue Mages, and occasionally Red Mages, despite the fact that most vocations can handle swords with a respectable level of expertise.

Swords are the most diverse with the most range of weapon talents among all weapons with average damage & average delay. Many of these skills have special abilities, such as Spirits Within, that does non-elemental injury based on how much HP the user has, and Atonement, whose damage is based on how much Enmity the user has built up towards the enemy.

3. Axes

One-handed axes are weapons that usually cause slashing damage. Warriors & Beastmasters, who have the most Axe skill competence, are the main users of them. Beastmasters have access to a wider range of axes than the other two jobs, including the majority of tabar-type axes, Orcish Axe, & axes from Relic, Mythic, and Empyrean weaponry. Dark Knights, Rangers, and Rune Fencers can also utilise a variety of axes, albeit they hardly ever do so with the exception of Rangers, who can select their weapon based on stat benefits.

Axes are well recognised for their multi-hitting abilities and are the weapon of choice for Beastmasters, who frequently dual-wield axes with their creatures to increase their stats and engage in melee combat.

4. Scythes

Two-handed weapons known as scythes typically result in slashing damage. They are typically utilised by Dark Knights and are renowned for being extremely sluggish but high damage weapons. Warriors and Beastmasters can utilise scythes reasonably well, but they don’t often. Black Mages can also carry specific sickle-style scythes.

Final Fantasy XI Weapons Guide

Users of scythe weapons frequently experience trouble participating in skillchains, especially at lower levels, as these talents are typically darkness-based. Many scythe weapon skills, including the well-known Guillotine, deal multiple hits and deal darkness elemental damage.

5. Clubs

One-handed weaponry like clubs usually cause blunt harm. Nearly all vocations can utilise clubs, although White Mages, which have the second-highest skill levels after Paladin, use them the most frequently. White Mage is the only class that can use any legendary club weapon.

Wands, clubs, hammers, cudgels, maces and rods are just a few examples of the various club weapon kinds. The majority of types are often poor melee weapons which are primarily equipped for stats that boost the effectiveness of magic. Numerous event-related goods, such as the novelty bell weaponry, have the power to grant enchantments like costume effects. Players frequently employ the Warp Cudgel to warp to the Home Point.

6. Archery

A group of ranged weapons known as archery often provide piercing damage. It is usually employed by Rangers as a means of damage, but other job classes can also use it to launch a distant strike.

The two main categories of archery weapons are. Longbows have a longer delay but can inflict more damage, whereas shortbows have a shorter delay & can deal less damage. Long bows are preferred by Rangers because they are more powerful & arrow-efficient, & because longer delay weapons earn more TP every hit.

Large quantities of damage are frequently dealt by archery weapon skills. The image of Sidewinder, an unreliable attack that causes double damage if it connects, is largely the reason for this.

7. Polearms

Two-handed weapons known as polearms often provide piercing damage. All polearms, with the exception of the Kamayari, can be used by Dragoons as their signature weapon. The faster spears & the slower lances are the two main types of polearms. Spears are weapons with modest delay and damage that are more prevalent at lower levels; the majority of them may also be employed by Samurai, Warriors, and Paladins. In contrast, lances move much more slowly but do far more damage and produce more TP every hit. All high-delay lances, with the exception of tomoe and couse-type polearms, are only available to Dragoons. The majority of polearm Weapon talents are multiple-hit physical strikes, like Penta Thrust, which may deal a fivefold attack.

Final Fantasy XI Weapons Guide

8. Katanas

We could not end our Final Fantasy XI Weapons Guide with the inclusion of this deadly weapon. One-handed swords known as katanas often cause cutting damage. Ninjas are the only profession that can efficiently employ katanas. Katanas are low delay, mediocre damage weapons that perform best when dual wielded. They also have a large range of statistics that can be applied in a variety of circumstances.

The majority of katana weapons skills correspond to components of Darkness. As a result, there are also weapon skills which inflict damage based on the elements of water, ice, earth, and darkness.


The expansive globe of Final Fantasy XI is filled with an astounding variety of weapons, each of which is catered to a certain playstyle and job type. This guide has examined each of the game’s different weapon types, highlighting its special traits and uses. Regardless of your experience level or amount of exploration, mastering these subtleties is crucial to succeeding in the game’s dynamic combat. This Final Fantasy XI Weapons Guide provides better understanding og game weapons to the gamers.

Carefully choose your weapon as you explore the gorgeous environment of Vana’diel to match your playstyle and chosen job class. You can easily upgrade you weapons using Gil, so buy FFXI Gil to quickly upgrade your weapons to higher class and take an upper edge in the game. In the storied MMORPG Final Fantasy XI, mastering the art of combat with your weapon of choice will open the door to epic journeys and victorious fights whether you like quick attacks, powerful blows, or ranged accuracy.

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