Fortnite FNCS Community Cup: Everything You Need to Know

FNCS Community Cup: Tournaments play a huge role in the promotion of each and every sport. Tournaments are a great way to show case a game’s vast audience and, loving fan base. Huge Theaters and Arenas are booked for such large-scale events and competitions. Valorant, CSGO, Call of Duty, are prime examples of large-scale game tournaments. The Fortnite community is also very strong and competent, hence tournaments in Fortnite, are also on a daily. Community Cups are similar to tournaments, but they hold major involvement of specific communities and their members. Community Cups also show case, the art and crafts of various members through out the game’s community.

FNCS Community Cup

Right now, The large Fortnite Champion Series Global Championship is live. Teams from all around the globe are coming together to play in a big contest. The teams that are the quality have a lot of other new chances to win in a event. And The Prize Pool? There’s loads of money, $10 million, that they are able to win!

The Fortnite Championship Series is making a return for Chapter 3. They’re gifting away a whole lot of money to the winners. If you have a team of  players, you can be part of and try to be the exceptional at aggressive Fortnite. The Fortnite Championship Series is the largest competition in Fortnite. Many gamers take part in it to try and win.

Date of The FNCS Community Cup

Get prepared for the FNCS Community Cup in order to take place, with live action on Monday, August 14, 2023, at 7:00 PM CEST in Europe. Look at the timetable for different regions. It’s a competition between  players in Fortnite’s battle royale mode in which they also can construct and build. In your region, you could play a maximum of ten games within a time span of three hours. So Gamers, get ready for this exciting new tournament and be sure to make your parents proud!

FNCS Community Cup

How to Get Prizes without Winning

If you want competitions but not for a whole lot of money, there is some thing for you: the FNCS Community Cup. This opportunity is for Fortnite gamers to win terrific prizes and earn admiration without turning into overly competitive.

The best teams in each region can win special items,  that make your character look more aesthetically pleasing

  • FNCS Renegade Outfit
  • Champion’s Rucksack Back Bling
  • Star Jet Pickaxe
  • Good to Go Wrap
  • Not Without a Fight Lobby Track

And if you’re the very high-quality team to your place, you get a Champion’s Celebration emote. If you score eight points, you furthermore may get the Raptor Rider spray. Plus, there may be an opportunity to win a cool Xbox Series S gaming console!

Prize Distribution

Here’s how the prizes are given out:

Europe Top 1,300 players get prizes
North America Top 1,000 players get prizes
Brazil Top 250 players get prizes
Asia Top 250 players get prizes
Oceania Top 100 players get prizes
Middle East Top 100 players get prizes

How to Play & Participate in The FNCS Community Cup

To be part of the cup, you and your buddy need to be in a lobby. Then, Just go to the Fortnite Competitive phase and select FNCS Community Cup while the tournament begins. Then, wait for your turn to play. Remember, all players must have Two Factor Authentication (2 Factor Authentication) enabled on his or her Epic account. Also that, their Account Level needs to be at least 15 to play.

How to Enable 2FA Two Factor Authentication

To begin with, go to the Epic Games Store site and enter your account data to log in. Another, press on the Password & Security Section of your account. Keep looking over until you discover the words “TWO FACTOR AUTHENTICATION” composed in expansive letters. You’ll be able utilize the 2FA in numerous ways, to be exact, in 3 ways. To utilize 2FA, by mail, content message, or an app.

If you like utilizing an app, you’ll utilize Google Authenticator, LastPass Authenticator, Microsoft Authenticator, or Authy on the store where you download apps. That’s all You have got presently turned on 2FA on the Epic Recreations Store and are able to take an interest in Fortnite competitions. Have fun playing the game.

To Wrap it all Up

The Fortnite FNCS Community Cup is taking place now, where teams are competing for a $10 million prize. The Fortnite Championship Series has back for Chapter 3, imparting cool rewards. It began on August 14, letting players have fun without feeling too pressured.

Teams can win cool prizes like special seems for their characters or even an Xbox Series S. Prizes are given out primarily based on in which gamers are from. To be a part of, team up, pick out FNCS Cup in Fortnite’s Competitive Game phase, and ensure Two Factor Authentication (2FA) is on.

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