Fortnite Marvels Comic Include Free Skins

It was recently discovered via social media in April 2022 that the comic crossover between Marvel and Fortnite would likely deliver more than simply a fresh plot.

Marvel announced Fortnite X Marvel Zero War in February as a partnership between Epic Games’ battle royale game and the comic book titan, and it is scheduled to debut on June 8, 2022. Once another month had passed, the announcement was made about the unique variant covers for the series that would include characters from both sides of the partnership. It has come to light that these alternate covers may be teasing new skins and other cosmetics that gamers can get by buying real-world comics. This information has been made public.

According to the prominent Fortnite leaker ShiinaBR on Twitter, the line of comics will offer players a special cosmetic with the purchase of each of the five issues. This special cosmetic will begin with skin in the first issue. Followed by a wrap, pickaxe, spray, and loading screen in issues two through five respectively. According to the information that was leaked, an additional skin would be made accessible to every gamer that redeems all five codes.

At the same time, Hypex, an additional famous content developer for Fortnite, published more variant covers from the impending series. One of these covers featured Spider-Man 2099, a character who has not yet appeared in Fortnite. In recent weeks, we have seen Peter Parker, the original Web-Slinger, in both his comic book and Tom Holland incarnations. Nevertheless, Miguel O’Hara has not yet made an appearance on the island where Fortnite is played. It’s possible that by the end of the summer. Things will be different if these hints turn out to be accurate.

This special comic book seems to be following the same timetable as Batman/Fortnite Zero Point. A six-issue limited event featuring DC Comics’ super detective Batman that ran from April to July of last year. The Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point limited event lasted from April to July of last year. In addition, each of those publications was packaged with a unique cosmetic item for the video game Fortnite. Which contained one-of-a-kind skins for the characters Harley Quinn and Batman himself.

You can either head up to an IO blimp and get yourself a jetpack to fly around the island. While you wait for the Fortnite X Marvel Zero War comic book to drop at your local comic shop. Or you can head down into Condo Canyon to help defend it from the IO forces. Alternatively, you can fly around the island while you wait.


In conclusion, the introduction of Marvel characters into the universe of Fortnite is an excellent approach to providing players with an additional means of self-expression. And inject more excitement into the overall experience of playing the game. Players may now don the appearance of their favorite Marvel characters while engaging in combat in the digital world of Fortnite thanks to the free skins and other Marvel-themed content that has been added to the game. Fortnite has taken another step toward becoming the most complete gaming experience as a result of its recent development.

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