How to Get Free UC in BGMI? (July 2023)

Free UC in BGMI: There is a peculiar currency called “UC” (Unknown Cash) in the game “Battlegrounds Mobile India” (BGMI). UC is similar to virtual money in that it can be used to purchase amazing items for your characters like as different clothes, emotes, and other fancy accessories that make your character appear awesome.

To obtain UC, you must purchase it with real money from the game’s store, or follow our guide to get Free UC in BGMI. This manner, the game developers get money and you obtain the items you desire to make your gaming experience more enjoyable and thrilling! Just keep in mind that games might change over time, so it’s always a good idea to check the most recent information in the game itself. Have a fantastic time playing!

Free UC in BGMI

There is a peculiar currency in the game “Battlegrounds Mobile India” (BGMI) known as “Unknown Cash” or “UC.” It’s highly significant in the game since you can use it to get exciting stuff like new looks for your characters, special passes, and crates containing uncommon treasures.

However, obtaining free UC is difficult. Most gamers must pay real money to get it, which means they may not be able to obtain the skins or goods they desire.

Here are some of the greatest ways to try to get free UC in BGMI.

Method # 1: Events by Content Creators & Giveaways

Battlegrounds Mobile India is one of the country’s most well-known and popular battle royale games.” Many content providers and tournament organisers have emerged in the gaming community as a result of its tremendous popularity. Many of these influencers and organisers routinely host events and tournaments in which players can win free UC in BGMI.

Participating in these events might be a fun way to try to earn some UC without spending any of your own money. The activities can take several forms, including prizes, quizzes, and lucky draws. For example, some content providers may host special live streams or social media contests in which winners are chosen at random to earn UC as a prize. Keep an eye out for announcements regarding similar events on their channels or pages.

Method # 2: Redeem Official Free Codes – Free UC

Krafton, the creators of Battlegrounds Mobile India, may occasionally provide special codes with players. When you enter these codes into the game, you will receive cool benefits, including free UC.

Check the official Battlegrounds Mobile India website for these codes. Once you have a code, head to the website’s redemption centre. There, you must input your Battlegrounds Mobile India ID, the code you discovered, and complete a small task (similar to a captcha). Then you can redeem the code’s prizes and enjoy the game’s pleasures!

Method # 3: Rooter Application

In Battlegrounds Mobile India, there is a popular mobile app (Rooter) that can help you get free UC. It’s a game streaming site where you can complete surveys and earn money. When you have enough money, you can deposit it into your Paytm account. You can then use that money to purchase UC in the game and obtain nice items for your characters. It’s an excellent method to increase your enjoyment of the game without investing your own money!

Method # 4: Google Opinion Awards

Google Opinion Rewards is the best way to obtain free UC in BGMI in a safe and reliable manner. Google offers users to do simple surveys in exchange for play credits, which may be converted into real money. You may then use this money to purchase UC in BGMI without having to invest your own money. It’s a reliable and sure method of obtaining the UC you desire!

Free UC in BGMI

Method # 5: Joining Free Tournaments

Another reliable way to earn free UC in the game is to participate in competitions organised by these content creators. Some of them conduct formal tournaments with specialised rooms, allowing players to demonstrate their abilities in a competitive setting. If you perform well and win or rank high in these tournaments, you may be rewarded handsomely, which could include UC, a Royal Pass, special skins, or other valuable in-game stuff.

Participating in tournaments not only increases your chances of winning UC, but it also improves your gaming experience by allowing you to compete with strong players and improve your gameplay.

Tips for Free UC in BGMI

Use Google Opinion Rewards on a regular basis to accrue credits by completing surveys to earn free UC in PUBG Mobile. Follow PUBG’s official social media pages to stay up to date on the newest events and redeem codes. Participate in events and missions to increase your chances of receiving free UC, and make sure to properly understand the event rules.

Join PUBG social media or forum communities to learn about ongoing giveaways or referral programmes for free UC. Be wary of frauds that promise free UC in exchange for personal information or actual money. Stick to trustworthy sites and never give up your personal information to anyone advertising free UC.

How to Use UC in BGMI

You can get cosmetic items and skins using UC to change the appearance of your character, weapons, and vehicles. You can also purchase crates to receive random gifts such as rare weapon skins and clothes.

UC is also useful for gaining access to the Royale Pass, which grants you more benefits as you finish challenges. If you have extra UC, you can be charitable and give goods to your game buddies. UC in PUBG Mobile allows you to customise your character and earn fantastic rewards, making your gameplay experience more enjoyable and distinctive!

To Wrap it all Up

There are several methods for earning free UC in BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India). You can attend content creator-hosted events and tournaments, follow official social media accounts for redeem codes, utilise the Rooter app to do surveys and earn money, engage in Google Opinion Rewards to gain play credits, and join free tournaments. These approaches can assist you in acquiring UC without spending actual money. To prevent revealing personal information, be wary of frauds and always utilise reliable sites. With UC, you can buy cosmetic things, skins, and crates to make your PUBG Mobile experience more enjoyable and distinctive!

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