Genshin Impact A rated Characters list March 2023

The Genshin Impact characters you create are the best ones. The aim of the game is to gather a group of characters that you can control, and give them powerful items and weapons to use. Investing in high-rated characters in Genshin is a big deal. It doesn’t matter if you are focusing on collecting powerful weapons or completing missions without spending money, it is important to choose the best characters.

It helps to know a character’s primary strength, especially when you’re just starting off. Other characters, such as Candace, Tighnari, and Nilou, will likely make appearances after the publication of Sumeru. Although it’s unrealistic to expect to have access to every hero in the game, it’s still important to understand how they compare to one another in terms of strength and versatility. Unless you’re OK with going bankrupt all by yourself.

Each playable character in Genshin Impact will be analyzed, rated, and highlighted on this character sheet. Here, I’ll also explain upcoming A rated characters, how banner Pity works, and which non-playable characters (NPCs) you may steal for free upon completing certain objectives.



Razor is the next best thing until you can afford a 5-star primary DPS. The great attack strength and Claymore he wields make him a formidable melee opponent for Genshin Impact. His elemental talents are most beneficial when enhancing his melee assaults and are less so when generating elemental reactions.



This Cyro-based four-star character, Rosaria, shines in a variety of roles, whether you want to use her as your primary damage dealer or support for your other characters. Rosaria’s damage output may not be on par with the top characters, but her abilities are so flexible that she can be used in almost any team. Here you will learn every detail of making a powerful Genshin Impact Rosaria build.



Jean has a rather weak basic attack. But her utility as an Anemo support and healer more than makes up for it. There isn’t one duty she excels at more than the others. But with her melee assaults, crowd control skills, and healing powers, she can carry a squad. Find out how to effectively use Genshin Impact Jean in battle by consulting our comprehensive build guide.


Yanfei’s base attack is tied for the third highest among 4-star characters (tied with Rosaria). Ultimately, pyro heroes like Yanfei wind up becoming powerful because of elemental responses. In order to get the most out of this top-tier attorney, we’ve laid out in great detail what artifacts. And weaponry you should gear in our Genshin Impact Yanfei build.


The Prinzessin of Electrical harm may summon her familiar, Oz, into the fray, giving her an edge in combat. This ability has great potential and is wonderful for producing Electro-infused elemental reactions. But Fischl needs some constellation and skill improvements to optimize Oz’s Electro damage output. The optimal Genshin Impact Fischl build is detailed below for your perusal.



Yomiya’s skills may be inspired by fireworks, but they don’t produce much area-of-effect damage. Yoimiya, as a consequence, can’t solo the toughest portions of Spiral Abyss without substantial assistance from her squad. Although it’s possible, it’s not optimum to play her this way. The player base may make enough of a stink over her for the devs to decide to buff her, like they did with Zhongli. Find out how to maximize Yoimiya’s potential by referencing our build guide.


In the Genshin Impact characters, this Hydro Catalyst has the weakest basic attack, but she is an exceptional healer. She may either use her elemental talent to heal individual characters or her elemental burst ability to heal everyone on the squad at once. However since she also brings about the “wet” state, her healing is useless against Cryo foes.


In the past, Diluc was ranked among the strongest DPS characters because of his high critical rate and strong base attack power. His Pyro damage from elemental abilities is devastating, and he is well-suited to elemental responses. Furthermore, Diluc’s elemental blast has a 12-second cooldown, requires just 40 energy, and may be used again. Diluc is still useful on the hardest levels of the Spiral Abyss, although he is not on pace with the most modern SS-tier fighters in terms of damage output.


Like the other Inazuma four-star heroes, Thoma is best used in specialized squads. The Thoma shield support build allows you to make shields for your allies that provide them invulnerability for one second at a time. Genshin Impact’s larger, slower bosses are the ones against which you may safely complete your attack animation without worrying about being flung into the air. While he has a shield. Thoma can’t hold his own against the strongest support characters since his defenses aren’t good enough. So, Thoma may be useful in certain Pyro-centric parties, albeit he won’t be as dominating as a five-star character like Zhongli.


It seems that Cyno will have no trouble fulfilling his major position as the party’s primary damage dealer. The final levels of Spiral Abyss may be cleared with no casualties if you use the finest possible Cyno construct. Nonetheless, there are a number of viable substitutes that may do more damage than Cyno and boast superior team compositions. Cyno is a likable protagonist, But he seems to be lacking something that would allow him to reach his full potential. We suspect that something could be the Dendro Archon.


Tighnari, the first five-star Dendro character in Genshin Impact, does a fantastic job of showcasing the new element and demonstrating how it inspires a novel combination of characters in teams. Surprisingly, Dendro responses complement Electro rather well, giving previously underutilized characters like Kuki Shinobu and Fischl a chance to shine. Although the greatest Tighnari build compositions aren’t as strong. As the teams who define the meta in the Spiral Abyss. They’re still a lot of fun to play with and can breeze through the endgame content.


The Wanderer’s transitory flying ability allows for a distinct playstyle that is not shared by any other character. Although the Wanderer’s Anemo artifact set in Patch 3.3 seems like it was made with him in mind. His damage output still falls short of those of the game’s top damage-dealing characters. Even with the greatest Wanderer build, which includes Faruzan, who is geared towards boosting Anemo damage. The Wanderer still seems to be outclassed in this department. Given that Raiden Shogun and Ayato will soon be featured on Genshin Impact banners. We do not recommend pulling this character if you are short in primo gems.


With her toolkit, Yaoyao might potentially function as a support DPS, but she is at her finest in a healing role. Yaoyao throws White Jade Radishes, which heal her allies and cause damage to foes when they burst, into the air. You can count on her to heal your squad in a pinch. And there aren’t that many Dendro characters to choose from. When looking for a four-star healer, you could do a lot worse than Yaoyao. Her strengths as a team supporter and damage dealer show through when she is used in conjunction with an Electro character to set off elemental reactions.

Wrapping Up

The list of A rated characters for March 2023 in Genshin Impact is really awesome. Any player would be thrilled to play with these characters. The characters on the list are very strong in the game and will allow players to have a new and exciting experience while playing. With many options and lots of different abilities. The list of A rated characters will give players at any level a special experience.

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