Genshin Impact B rated Characters list March 2023

The best Genshin Impact characters are the ones you make yourself. The goal of the game is to create a group of characters that you can control and give them strong things like special items and weapons. Investing money in B rated characters is always important in Genshin. This can include spending money to collect valuable relics and obtain five-star weapons, or completing missions to get the best no-cost alternatives.

It’s useful to understand a character’s major strength, particularly when you’re just getting started. Additional characters, such as Candace, Tighnari, and Nilou, are anticipated to emerge when Sumeru is published. While having access to every hero in the game is impossible, it is still crucial to grasp how they compare in terms of power and adaptability. Unless you’re okay with going bankrupt on your own.

In this character sheet, each playable character in Genshin Impact will be evaluated, graded, and highlighted. In this section, I’ll also go over new B rated characters, banner Pity, and which non-playable characters (NPCs) you may take for free if you complete specific tasks.


Sayu is a damage dealer and healer, armed with an Anemo and a claymore. Like many other four-star characters, has trouble standing out in comparison to the game’s greatest, such as Ganyu or Diona. But, if you do manage to unlock Sayu and decide you want to utilize her, there are teams where she would excel. If you’re looking for support or damage-dealing build for the squirrel warrior Sayu, check out our comprehensive build guide.


While Xingqiu has extensive cooldowns on his elemental strikes, his Sword attacks are just mediocre. In other words, he’s not the best Hydro to use the wet condition on a huge group of enemies. Xingqiu’s passive ability to heal the active character is important if the squad is well-balanced, however.


Alchemy-enthusiast Sucrose’s elemental talent allows her to throw foes into the air, inflicting Anemo damage in the process. With her burst, she may also absorb any Pyro, Electro, Hydro, or Cryo elements, turning them into additional damage. Do these words seem familiar? Simply enough, sucrose is mediocre Venti.


Chongyun performs well as a Claymore melee, but he really comes into his own as a Cryo character with area-of-effect abilities. When paired with a powerful Hydro, he can rapidly freeze a large number of foes. As his elemental burst only has a 12-second cooldown, he may repeatedly freeze objects.


As compared to other four-star characters, Pyro Xinyan has the greatest base attack. She has the same weapon and elemental type as the adored Diluc, which is both a blessing and a curse. She’s not terrible, although stronger Claymore and Pyro characters tend to outshine her.


Although Katzlein Diona’s Cryo skills aren’t great, they may easily freeze many foes at once, making up for her lackluster ranged damage. She has healing and shield-making abilities as well. Diona isn’t the strongest in any of these positions, but she’s a fantastic starting point for less experienced squads.


Gorou is the first character created with the sole intention of supporting Geo characters. He isn’t the greatest character since he can’t join many different teams. Itto, Zhongli, and Albedo get massive bonuses from Gorou’s skills when he is combined with other Geo party members. Gorou is a vital asset to any Geo team since he provides unique benefits to the group.

Kujou Sara

Without any constellation enhancements, Sara’s clumsy moves make her one of the game’s most uncomfortable characters. The greatest Sara builds for Genshin Impact involves constructing her like an Electro battery. To maximize Sara’s potential, it’s recommended that your party include at least one other Electro character.



Despite the fact that Shenhe is a Cryo support character whose powers are meant to benefit other characters in battle, they have a disproportionately positive effect on other Cryo characters. However, Shenhe is primarily useful for less often employed Cryo characters like Chongyun, while powerful characters like Ganyu and Eula do not require any aid doing damage. Although Shenhe’s intricacy, her potential is not limited. As more Cryo characters are introduced, she may rise in the rankings, but for the time being, she has a hard time justifying her presence. Maximize Shenhe’s utility by using our top-tier Genshin Impact setup.

Yun Jin


Those who can control the Geo element generally have to form a special squad consisting of exclusively Geo-wielding characters. Yun Jin disproves this idea by reaping significant advantages from a multifaceted party, provided that the majority of your characters’ attacks are regular hits. Yoimiya is an example of a character that has been underutilized, but thanks to Yun Jin’s direction, she may shine in the right light. To discover what you need to create the strongest version of Yun Jin, try out our best Genshin Impact Yun Jin build.



Shikanoin Heizou, the user of the Anemo Catalyst and self-proclaimed top investigator in the Tenryou Commission, is Inazuma’s last character. Although most Catalyst users choose long-range assaults, Heizou favors close-quarters combat. When paired with a well-optimized Heizou squad composition, he may be frighteningly effective. Because of his adaptability, Heizou is a fantastic pick for casual players.



Candace is the first person to utilize a Hydro polearm, giving her the unique power to infuse select characters with Hydro. When employed properly, her shield can absorb a great deal of damage. Most four-star characters, including Candace, don’t contribute enough to their party for her to be a must-pick. That being said, a five-star version of Candace would be awesome since she’s a lot of fun to play with and has a lot of options in her equipment. You may maximize your use of this Hydro support character by trying out the ideal build for Candace.



The first cast of characters introduced in versions 3.0 and 3.1 dealt mostly with the chemical reactions of Hydro and Dendro. With the finest weapon and artifacts available to Nilou. She may inflict significant damage with her Bloom elemental reaction, as seen by our best Nilou build. Until more Dendro characters are made available, the number of possible teams you can make with these new additions is small. In addition, there have been reports that Nilou’s burst doesn’t always go off, meaning that crucial damage isn’t dealt at the right times.

Wrapping Up

Every player should be very happy to play any of the less famous characters on the list of Genshin Impact characters for March 2023. This list includes some of the game’s strongest characters, giving players a great chance to experience the game in a new way. Many different options and abilities. The A-list of characters you can play as will offer something exciting, even for experienced gamers.

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