Genshin Impact Concept Merges Itto And Sampo From Honkai

One of the players on Genshin Impact came up with an intriguing concept in which they blended the well-known Geo user Arataki Itto with Sampo, a character from the Honkai: Star Rail video game that was only recently made available. Fans frequently attempt to mix the two worlds of Honkai and HoYoverse in order to come up with original character conceptions. Honkai is the second most popular property in the HoYoverse.

This should not come as a surprise given that the designs of a large number of the characters in Genshin Impact have been influenced by the list of playable characters in Honkai. In the universe of Teyvat, characters such as Clara, Kafka, and Tingyun, along with a great many more, each have a character that corresponds to them in their own unique way.

Genshin Impact Concept Itto Honkai Sampo

In an intriguing piece of fan art, Reddit user CWHardKnight gave Genshin Impact’s Geo user Arataki Itto the wardrobe of Honkai: Star Rail’s Sampo. Honka’s roster has had this unusual four-star character, who has been there from the game’s first release, for long time. Over 1.6k upvotes on the official Genshin Impact subreddit show that the article was well-received by the community. CWHardKnight is well-known on Reddit for its ability to successfully merge disparate elements of fictional characters into a coherent whole. Several commenters have noted that they find Itto’s new design to be quite impressive and professional.

Sampo is an effective Wind user and versatile support in Honkai: Star Rail’s different team configurations. Sampo’s whole toolkit is geared around giving and amplifying DoT effects and reducing the Toughness of his enemies. Players that want to get the most out of their teams despite the fact that he is a free-to-play friendly unit should carefully construct around his DoT skills.

The head of the Arataki gang is notorious for wreaking havoc across the Inazuma region, and his fellow gang member, the Electro user Kuki Shinobu, frequently comes to his rescue. Itto is currently the best Geo DPS character, making him an essential addition to the standard all-Geo party. Include the four-star support Gorou on your team if you want to maximize his damage output.


Because of the frequency with which these two characters appear on the same banner. The majority of players who have successfully pulled for Itto have also been awarded Gorou as a reward for their efforts. Considering that his most recent banner appearance was in Genshin Impact version 3.3. It is likely that players who are interested in obtaining. This five-star Geo user will have the opportunity to do so within the next couple of months.


A fascinating concept has emerged within the Genshin Impact community. Envisioning a merge between the characters Itto and Sampo from the game Honkai Impact. In this article, we have explored the potential implications and creative possibilities of this concept. Discussing how the fusion of these characters could introduce a unique narrative and dynamic within the Genshin Impact universe. While this concept remains speculative. It has sparked the imagination of fans and highlights the creative potential and cross-pollination between miHoYo’s game worlds. As players engage with this concept, the possibilities for captivating storylines and character interactions in Genshin Impact expand.

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