Genshin Impact leak reveals new Sumeru Mummy character design

The latest Genshin Impact leak has provided further details on a new character that will be introduced in the coming weeks and months. Since HoYoverse’s expansion to include the Sumeru area, the game’s playable roster has been receiving updates with each subsequent patch. Baizhu and Kaveh are two new playable characters that were added in the updated version 3.6. Both of these characters make use of the Dendro element.

Kirara, a Dendro character who uses a sword and is a member of the four-star lineup for the current banner cycle, was included in the ongoing Genshin Impact update 3.7. As of right now, players still have a few more days to obtain Kirara or any of the other highlighted characters, despite the fact that the banner is expected to be taken down around the 13th of June.

Genshin Impact New Sumeru Mummy Character Design

A fresh Genshin Impact leak has shown the look of a new Sumeru mummy character that will supposedly debut in the next months. There is not a lot of information about this character other than that she will most likely come in one of the future releases. It’s reasonable to presume that she won’t be part of Genshin Impact version 3.8 since HoYoverse didn’t offer any formal news yet. This implies that 3.8 probably won’t include any new characters, and it will function as a filler update before Fontaine’s actual arrival. A lot of fans believe that they have been conserving a lot of their Primogems for the upcoming Fontaine region which will feature a lot of new characters


Previous rumors have indicated that the first Fontaine update will include one restricted five-star character, three new characters, and two characters with four stars each. The long-awaited Lyney, who was shown in one of the game’s initial promotional trailers back in 2020, is said to be the five-star unit, according to a rumor that has been circulating recently. It appears as if Lyney will mostly rely on her Pyro bow for her major damage-dealing powers.

Lynette, his sister, is said to be a less-rare four-star Pokemon who also uses the Anemo type. Another set of leaks has indicated a new character named Wriothesley who is anticipated to have a five-star rarity, so it’s not only these two that have been rumored.

The Hydro Archon, the nation’s primary guardian, is likely the most anticipated character in Fontaine. The character may be called Focalors at the moment, but reliable sources have been dropping hints that the new Archon’s name is really Furina. If prior Archon releases in HoYoverse are any indication, gamers may anticipate her arrival in either update 4.1 or 4.2.


A recent leak in Genshin Impact has unveiled the character design for a new Sumeru Mummy, stirring up excitement and speculation among players. In this article, we have explored the leaked information and discussed the potential implications of this upcoming character. From their appearance to their potential abilities and role in the game, the Sumeru Mummy adds a new layer of intrigue to the ever-expanding world of Genshin Impact. As players eagerly await the official release of this character, the leak has sparked discussions and theories about what the Sumeru Mummy will bring to the game.

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