Genshin Impact Momoka leaks

In the next update, Genshin Impact might change how the Standard Wish advertisement looks. Some people have said that the game developers are going to add a new character to the gacha that you can keep forever soon. They have already said that Dehya will be added in the next game update, as Momoka leaks information suggests.

Recent sources suggest that a large Inazuma event will be held by Genshin Impact with the 3.7 upgrades. In the same update, they might also debut a new Geo catgirl unit known as Momoka. It’s possible that the rumored new character may become available as a permanent gacha option.

Genshin Impact might release a new 5-star Geo character

As of right now, there are several rumors indicating that a new 5-star Geo character from Inazuma named Momoka leaks will be released by Genshin Impact. Asase Shrine is connected to the Nekomata, or cat youkai, who are similar to ghosts in Western culture. A recent leak showed photographs of her prospective designs from various perspectives.

Despite HoYoverse’s silence on the speculated character, many anticipate her arrival with the impending v3.7 patch. Players may anticipate Momoka’s release on one of the following days, depending on the phases, given that each Genshin Impact update lasts for 42 days or six weeks.

  1. First phase: May 24, 2023
  2. Second phase: June 14, 2023

If the rumors are true, her release will be confirmed at the 3.7 Special Program, which will likely be shown on May 12, 2023.

Team China, a committed collection of leakers, has previously suggested that either the Inazuman Geo catgirl or. A new Bow unit from Sumeru is likely to join the Standard Wish banner. The potential new character from the Dendro area has yet to be revealed. But they are also anticipated to be of 5-star caliber.

For whatever reason, the Wanderlust Invocation Standard banner doesn’t include any Inazuma 5-star characters or a Geo unit with that many stars. Hence, the locals had a positive reaction to the announcement of a possible newcomer.

Nevertheless, a Twitter fan page, HoyoverseJapan, has rejected all the allegations regarding Momoka being included in the permanent gacha. This disturbed many fans since it might imply another 5-star Bow unit from Sumeru would join the Standard flag when there is already one in Tighnari.

Genshin Impact leaks reveal Momoka’s potential kit

Mero’s findings suggest that Momoka is a Sword user with a tool set not dissimilar from Zhongli’s. The Geo Archon-style shield she may deploy is one of two variations of her Elemental Talent.

People didn’t like the idea that she was just a normal shielder. They were expecting something new from the Nekomata. Travelers will need to wait more before they can try out her skills because the beta version of Genshin Impact 3. 7 has not been released yet.

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