Genshin Impact S rated Characters list March 2023

I heard that you’re looking for a list of Genshin Impact S rated Characters who are ranked as S. Right now, there are 64 Genshin Impact characters that you can play as. This means you can easily create a strong team. Choosing your favorite weapons, elementals, skills, bonuses, and upgrades can be challenging because there are so many options to choose from.

If you’re hesitant to draw the next character banner because of where they are on our Genshin Impact tier list, don’t let that stop you. A character’s worth is determined not just by their fundamental statistics and elemental talents, but also by their preferred playstyle, the weapons and artifacts they have access to, and the make-up of their squad. Nevertheless, getting through some of the more difficult Spiral Abyss levels may be difficult if your favorite Genshin Impact fighter is C-tier or lower. If your favorite Genshin Impact character isn’t in the top tiers, don’t fret; you can still use them effectively with the builds we offer. If a character in a free PC game is lower in the tier, it’s often because there are better options or the character requires a highly specialized build or team to succeed.



Xiao is the only Anemo character that is solely dedicated to DPS, and he uses his diving strikes quite well to hit numerous foes at once. He is versatile due to his ability to set off the elemental reaction Swirl with a wide variety of other characters. To maximize the utility of Xiao’s elemental abilities, have a look at our Genshin Impact Xiao build.


In Genshin Impact, Albedo is the only Geo character with the ability to repeatedly set off very harmful Geo-infused elemental reactions. Albedo’s elemental talent has a very quick cooldown duration of just four seconds, and his elemental powers cause Massive blasts with a wide area of influence.


Not content with only being proficient with a Bow, this Hydro character may switch to using melee Hydro daggers by activating his elemental talent. In contrast to the majority of Hydro’s cast, Tartaglia can inflict substantial elemental damage. Hydro/Electro and Hydro/Cryo combos are simple for him to set up, adding to his versatility.


This bomber has a strong base attack, increased Pyro damage with ascent, and a Catalyst. This makes her a breeze to develop for high Pyro damage output. For further information on this, please see our Genshin Impact Klee construction. The biggest problem with Klee is that she might be difficult to judge in terms of distance from her foes.



The Hydro Personality With the help of a Cryo teammate, Mona’s elemental blast may temporarily freeze many foes at once. In addition, her taunting Phantom may be used to shield your primary DPS from harm. With her unique ability to avoid harm, Mona is surprisingly agile for a person wielding a Catalyst.


Comparison between Bow and Anemo’s Characters In terms of elemental assistance, Venti is among the greatest in the game. Both he and his foes may be sent into the air by his elemental abilities, and his elemental burst generates a gigantic Stormeye that attracts all-around foes. As an added bonus, it may transform incoming Pyro, Electro, Hydro, or Cryo components into an additional 50% damage output.


Keqing stands out from the crowd because of her absurdly high basic stats. When it comes to attacking strength, HP, and defense, this Sword and Electro user is among the finest of the best. This not only gives her formidable Electrical powers but also makes her a formidable melee combatant. As Electro hasn’t been updated in a while, she can’t work well with anybody else.



Kamisato Ayato looks to be viable if used in the appropriate team compositions, so good news if you were hoping he could replace your current main DPS character. If we use our finest Genshin Impact Ayato build, we may use Ayato’s Water attacks to produce elemental reactions, which are very effective when used in conjunction with Cryo characters to freeze their foes to the ground. While Ayato isn’t the worst playable character, he also doesn’t have any game-changing powers.


Many in the Genshin Impact community were skeptical of a Geo DPS character’s potential when Arataki Itto was initially unveiled. Neither the Geo element nor Itto’s powers scale dependent on his attack numbers, therefore his potential is already questionable. When coupled with the correct party members, Itto can deliver enormous damage and has so far exceeded everyone’s expectations. Itto’s dependence on Other characters is the only thing holding him back from the top tier; your whole team must be built around Itto, while the greatest characters need far less help from the rest of the team.



The sheer amount of playable characters in Genshin Impact makes it challenging for the designers to come up with a novel and effective healing class. While Kokomi, the newest Hydro healer, was received with a lukewarm reception when she originally appeared, the meta has now altered to make heals competitive once again. Kokomi’s star has skyrocketed after the introduction of Dendro since she is the best at using the new elemental reactions. To counteract the effects of bleeds, employ the optimal Kokomi support build to maximize Kokomi’s healing potential.



Eula is one of the best damage dealers in Genshin Impact. Because of her ability to provide tremendous bursts of AoE damage with her Lightfall Sword after stacking up Grimheart. Her attacks are more rapid than those of other Claymore wielders. And she has access to Cryo for Superconduct elemental reactions. Which lowers the physical resistance of her foes and so increases the damage she can do to them. Get the most out of Eula’s physical carry potential with the help of our detailed build guide.

Kuki Shinobu

Until Dendro’s release, teams had a hard time making good use of Kuki Shinobu’s healing powers. Making her a hard character to suggest. It wasn’t until more Interesting characters like Nahida and Collei were introduced that we saw Kuki Shinobu reach his full potential. The strongest Genshin Impact Kuki Shinobu build is at its finest. When used with other characters whose roles are tailored to bringing about the Hyperbloom elemental reaction. As she is then able to both heal her allies and do heavy damage to the enemy.



Alhaitham, the new DPS character for the Dendro teams, is not as simple to use as the leaks made him seem. With his elemental talent, Alhaitham may activate his Dendro mirrors, which are his primary means of doing damage. However, his mirrors only persist for four seconds, and his elemental talent has a very long cooldown of 18 seconds. As you may be penalized if you aren’t battling as efficiently as possible, this makes Alhaitham challenging for new players. If your Dendro squad can learn to work together with Alhaitham in combat. He will be an excellent addition to your roster. Providing you with the firepower you need to clear the floors of the Spiral Abyss. Learn how to maximize Alhaitham’s potential by reading our team composition guide.

Wrapping Up

The Genshin Impact March 2023 list of S rated Characters is a really cool and exciting list for players. The characters on the list are very strong in the game and will allow players to enjoy the game in a different and exciting way. With many options and different skill levels. The list of top-rated characters will give players of all levels a special and different

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