Genshin Impact SS Rated Characters List August 2023

The characters you create in Genshin Impact will always be really good. The main aim of the game is to collect your favorite characters and equip them with powerful weapons and special items. It is important to invest in SS rated characters in Genshin Impact, whether you want valuable artifacts or powerful weapons, or if you want to find the best characters without spending money.

However, it is helpful to know the main strength of each character, especially when you are just beginning. When Sumeru comes out, we will likely see many new characters, such as Candace, Tighnari, and Nilou. Even though you can’t have every hero in the game, it’s important to know how they compare to each other in terms of strength and flexibility. Unless you want to lose all your money and become completely broke.

In this sheet about Genshin Impact characters, I will talk about each character you can play as, give them a rating, and point out their special traits. I will also talk about upcoming SS rated characters, explain how the banner Pity system works, and tell you which non-playable characters you can get for free once you complete specific missions.



Ayaka, the user of the Cryo Sword, was added to the game with the 2.0 patch for Genshin Impact. It’s safe to say that this character has lived up to the lofty standards set for her by her many admirers. When coupled with a Pyro character, her Melt response will be triggered with ease since she is a Cryo user. Ayaka excels as the DPS and can step in as the sub-DPS if needed.



Zhongli was formerly considered weak because of how Geo was developing, but that opinion has changed significantly over the years. Zhongli’s Jade Shield is a very effective ability, and it frees up other characters in battle so that they don’t have to worry so much about timing their strikes. If your DPS characters focus more on hitting and less on avoiding, they will be able to inflict more damage. If you want to know how to construct this defensive behemoth, have a look at our Genshin Impact Zhongli build.



Kazuha, the franchise’s first Inazuman, made an immediate impression on Genshin Impact fans with his adaptability. This Anemo Sword character, if given the greatest possible Kazuha build, is capable of doing significant damage on his own. Including him in a squad composition that makes use of elemental reactions allows for an incredible accumulation of damage.

Raiden Shogun


Although the Electro element is so powerful, Raiden Shogun’s introduction to the game was first unimpressive. As more and more players figured out how to make the most of her potential, Raiden Shogun quickly rose to prominence as a top Genshin Impact playable character. Her fantastic support build produces an excessive amount of energy, making her highly flexible in terms of which teams she may join. She can easily level up to a high DPS class, and the addition of the Dendro element has further strengthened her.

Hu Tao


Depending on how they are built, this Polearm and Pyro character may be quite lethal. Hu Tao is a dangerous character to use since she gains power when her health is low, but if you learn to maintain the right balance in the fight, she may be one of the finest DPS characters in Genshin Impact. If you want to know what goes into making this Pyro monster, check out our Hu Tao build.



Bennett often takes on the position of the support character in most parties. In this capacity, he offers the whole team a damage boost, performs heals, and is also able to do damage when necessary. Bennett is the ideal all-around character, which is one of the reasons why he has the greatest selection rate of any character in the Spiral Abyss levels with the most difficult challenges.


The prevailing opinion of Yelan is basically a 5-star form of Xingqiu, and as a few of you might be aware, Xingqui is without a doubt one of the finest characters in the game. As Yelan’s stats improve with her health, you won’t need to spend as much time as you would with many of the other five-star choices looking for the ideal artifacts and weapons to equip her with since she gains more power over time. Make use of the finest Yelan build to develop an exceptional sub-DPS character, and then match her up with the greatest Genshin Impact Yelan team in order to get through the Spiral Abyss’s toughest stages.


There’s no disputing that Xiangling is one of the greatest Pyro characters in Genshin Impact, even if she doesn’t deal the most melee damage with only her Polearm. Her elemental talent unleashes a flaming teddy bear that automatically targets its victim, and her elemental burst engulfs her in flames for up to 10 seconds. Do not be fooled by Xiangling’s low star rating; her powerful skills make possible a wide variety of team configurations.


With a Hydro character in the party, Ganyu’s Cryo skills make it possible to permanently freeze adversaries. This makes her one of the finest damage dealers in Genshin Impact. As if that weren’t enough. She may use her charged strike to launch a variety of Cryo arrows, including an area-of-effect kind. To top it all off, the greatest Genshin Impact Ganyu build can consistently damage. And freeze her adversaries with little to no effort thanks to her formidable AoE elemental skills.

Yae Miko

Electrical heroes like Yae Miko have been rising in popularity since Dendro and Version 3.0 were released. The responses between the electro and dendro elements are so potent that they may elevate even solid characters like Yae Miko to the level of excellence. If you run an Electro battery character with our finest Yae Miko build, she will thrive in the sub-DPS position.


Fans anticipated Nahida’s arrival with great anticipation because of the high-quality standard set by previous Archon characters. Because of her amazing chemistry with the majority of the Genshin Impact ensemble. It’s safe to conclude that Nahida lives up to the expectations. It’s no secret that Dendro is a class with a lot of potential for synergy. But with Nahida, you can quickly strengthen your Dendro parties by swapping out less useful characters like the Traveler. Learn how to dominate the battlefield as the Dendro Archon by consulting our recommended Nahida build.

Wrapping Up

The list of top characters in Genshin Impact for August 2023 is very exciting. All players would love to play as these characters. The list has some very powerful characters in the game. Playing with them will make the game more enjoyable and give players a unique experience. There are many choices available and a wide variety of skills to pick from. The list of characters with SS rating will give players of any skill level a very cool experience.

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