Ghost Trick Chapter 14 Complete Walkthrough Step-by-Step

Ghost Trick Chapter 14: Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a captivating and inventive puzzle-adventure game that was first launched in 2010 for the Nintendo DS. Ghost Trick is a supernatural adventure developed by Shu Takumi, the creative genius behind the Ace Attorney series. Players assume the role of Sissel, a ghost with the unique ability to control items and reverse time.

With an engrossing story, stunning animations, and mind-bending puzzles, players must utilise their ghostly skills to solve mysteries and change fate, revealing the truth behind their own demise. Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a fascinating and mysterious adventure full of twists, turns, and supernatural encounters.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Chapter 14

Something new and thrilling happens in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective’s fourteenth chapter! There’s a lot of confusion and action going on. There have been quite a few deaths by this stage in the game, but you have been able to rewind back time and avert the majority of them. While Lynne hunts for an important music box, there is still much to do at Temsik Park.

This puzzle in Chapter Fourteen is especially difficult since it mixes features from earlier chapters, such as time constraints and speedy decision-making. However, there is a revolutionary new skill that allows you to interact with the world in novel ways! You’ll need to use all of your abilities and tools to save the activist and assist Lynne with her investigation. Prepare for an exciting and dramatic adventure!

Storyline of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Chapter 14

When Sissel gets at the park in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective, he finds Lynne waiting, but she appears unhappy. Follow the glowing cores to the left and utilise your ghostly abilities to speed up the swing. Then, leap into the basketball inside the globe and spin it to go to the seesaw. Finally, approach Lynne and speak with her.

Ghost Trick Chapter 14

Lynne says she didn’t find what she was looking for, but she did find something else. She points to a body nearby. Sissel takes possession of the corpse and recognises the weird young man who answered Cabanela’s phone call a long time ago. The man encourages Sissel to read his leaflets, but preserving his life is more crucial right now.

Getting To Lynne In Park (Temsik) – Walkthrough of Chapter 14

When you get at Temsik Park, turn left and you’ll see the cook from Chicken Kitchen swinging. Wait for his hat to approach, then leap onto it. Use your powers to accelerate the swing. To progress forward, jump to the basketball stuck in the jungle gym once it swings all the way to the left.

Following that, spin the jungle gym and halt time when the basketball is on the left side. This will assist you in reaching the see-saw. To find Lynne, activate the see-saw, then jump to the baseball and roll to the other side. She’ll show you a body, which you can examine to reverse time and discover what happened.

Gaining More Time Before The Fall of Mino – Walkthrough of Chapter 14

In the past, follow Missile’s instructions to the left and try to reach the other ghost. Connect to Mino first, then to the right leaf. You can now choose between Sissel and Missile. Sissel has the ability to employ Ghost Tricks, while Missile has the ability to Swap.

Ghost Trick Chapter 14

Bring Sissel and Missile to the see-saw, but keep in mind that they cannot be in the same Core at the same time. Sissel must open the skip lid in order for them to access the see-saw. When he does, move the see-saw and cross to the other side with the baseball.

When Sissel is safely across, return the baseball to the right. Request that Missile exchange it for the basketball in the jungle gym. When the jungle gym begins to rotate, pause and play time as needed for Sissel to reach the centre. Increase the speed of the jungle gym to gain additional time. Use the boot and the leaflets attached to the tree trunk to assist Sissel in reaching the balloon.

Dropping The Rugby Ball – Walkthrough of Chapter 14

Loosen the balloon first to get to the umbrella. Then leave Missile in the rugby ball to wait. Make Sissel close the umbrella when Missile is in position, and it will fall before the basketball is launched. When the umbrella lands, open it to grab the basketball.

Now, with the basketball inside the umbrella, have Missile change it out for the tyre below to knock down the rugby ball. Wait by the rugby ball with Missile till Mino lands, then interchange the two.

Once the activist has been saved, speak with him before returning to the Minister’s Office. Speak with Jowd there to finish the chapter.

To Wrap it all Up

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective is a fun puzzle-adventure game for the Nintendo DS. As Sissel navigates Temsik Park, saving lives with his ghostly talents, Chapter 14 brings new obstacles and abilities. The guide includes a step-by-step tutorial to help gamers navigate through the intriguing problems in the chapter. Ghost Trick is a fascinating and mysterious journey that features captivating storyline and mind-bending puzzles. Have fun gaming!

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