Ghost Trick Chapter 15 Complete Walkthrough Steps

Ghost Trick Chapter 15: Shu Takumi, the skilled creator behind the Ace Attorney series, played a significant role in the creation of this game. The game’s release dates were June 19, 2010, in Japan, January 11, 2011, in North America, January 14, 2011, in Europe, and January 20, 2011, in Australia.

On December 16, 2010, the game was released as an iOS version in Japan, followed by a global release on February 2, 2012. A ten-year-later HD remaster became available for the Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and Steam.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Chapter 15

As the last act of Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective approaches, you must avert two deaths in short succession! Sissel returns to the junkyard superintendent’s office in Chapter Fifteen, where things grow rather tense. Be cautious, as even little errors can result in a restart. You must work quietly so that the unknown gunman does not notice you.

You’ll have to solve two riddles in quick succession to get through Chapter Fifteen. If you get lost in the wrecked basement or need a suggestion upstairs, use this step-by-step walkthrough to overcome the obstacles and progress in the game. Best wishes!

Ghost Trick Chapter 15

Saving The Pigeon Man in Chapter 15

Check Cabanela’s body as soon as you can walk about the office to find out what happened. The goal here is to keep the assassin from noticing any objects you move. Begin by approaching the kettle and waiting for it to drop to the floor. When that happens, go to the basement to work without being observed.

Drop the ceiling hoist, then open the toolbox to the right to find Pigeon Man’s body. Keep an eye on the action and wait in the trapdoor beneath Pigeon Man. Move the camera down and right when the countdown begins to find Missile. He’ll join you and present you with new possibilities.

Change to Missile and make your way up from the sewers to the basement. Make your way to the right side of the room, then down to the sewers. To attract more rats, interact with the garbage pile and switch two stacks of magazines. This causes the trash can lid to shift to the left.

The lid rolls in a circle, akin to a tyre in the Ghost World. To bring the lid closer to the trap door, swap it with the tyre. Sissel should leap to the Professor’s measuring gadget. When the timer runs out, swap the garbage can lid for the trapdoor, causing Pigeon Man to fall through and escape the explosion.

Ghost Trick Chapter 15

Saving Inspector Cabanela in Chapter 15

Return to the scene with Cabanela and the assassin when the pigeon carries you to the roof. Allow the situation to continue as before, but when the assassin’s back is turned, swing the lamp around and use it to knock the helmet down. Wait for Cabanela to start shooting.

You can reach the rolling stepladder when the assassin’s body reanimates. Use it to get to the other side of the room and remove the knit hat off the shelf. It will fall and land on the stepladder; roll it to the left. Then have Missile exchange the cap for the book above.

The hat will land on the helmet’s hook; take care not to knock it to the floor. Missile will automatically halt time when the assassin fires, allowing you to switch the bullet for the knit cap.

Return to the present and speak with Cabanela and the Pigeon Man to complete the chapter. You finished the puzzle and saved the day!

Key Points of Ghost Trick Chapter 15

“Sissel” can spot you in the initial phase of the 4MBD. “So you’re here, huh?” he’ll say, looking at the television. I notice you. Do you think you’ll be able to stop me? You should probably give up now. “I have complete control over everything!” Cabanela draws his rifle, and “Sissel” says, “Everything!” Even this white police officer’s life.” He then shoots the inspector.

To Wrap it all Up

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective Chapter 15 has exciting challenges as you must avert two deaths in a row! The game’s engrossing tale and ingenious puzzles make it a popular with Nintendo DS owners. The game is a mesmerising experience with Shu Takumi, the designer behind Ace Attorney, at the helm. It was released in several countries and even got an HD remaster a decade later.

Sissel experiences tough conditions in the junkyard superintendent’s office in this chapter. To avoid being observed by the mystery gunman, take a cautious approach. The chapter challenges you to solve two riddles sequentially. Follow this step-by-step guide to save the day and advance in the game.

The first stage entails saving Pigeon Man. You must move objects without alerting the assassin in order to keep Pigeon Man safe. The second section is dedicated to rescuing Inspector Cabanela. To outwit the assassin and rescue Cabanela’s life, you must be quick and astute.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective takes you on an exciting adventure full of suspense, mystery, and otherworldly encounters. Have fun with the exciting adventure!

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