The Glided Cage RDR2 – Mission Walkthrough, Complete Guide

Glided Cage RDR2: Red Dead Redemption 2 was released in 2018. Rockstar Games created this action-adventure game. While it is the third game in the Red Dead series, it serves as a prequel to the previous game, which was released in 2010.

The story of the game takes place in a fictitious version of the United States in the year 1899. You take on the role of Arthur Morgan, who is a member of the Van der Linde gang of outlaws. As the Wild West era draws to a close, Arthur must contend with the authorities, other gangs, and other foes.

You can see the game from various angles, such as via the character’s eyes or from a third-person perspective. Because the game world is large and interactive, you can freely explore it. In the game, you can engage in activities such as gunfights, robbing people, hunting animals, riding horses, conversing with other characters, and making decisions that effect your character’s reputation.

The Glided Cage in RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2)

In this mission, the player commands an outlaw group that attends a spectacular celebration. The occasion entails a party hosted by the Mayor of a town called Saint Denis.

The gang members have the opportunity to meet someone named Bronte while at the party. They are hopeful that he can help them find work or job possibilities. So they talk to Bronte and see if he can help them find jobs that will pay them or help them reach their ambitions.

The gang is essentially attempting to make the most of this party by networking and meeting influential people who may be able to provide them with work. They want to learn how to make money.

Story of The Glided Cage in RDR2

Mayor Lemieux invites Arthur and the gang to a party. They meet with Bronte and discuss job opportunities. They attend the party wearing fancy clothes and mingle with the guests. Arthur overhears important information about Leviticus Cornwall and steals some documents. They devise plans for two more robberies, and Dutch shares his optimistic outlook, believing that they are almost done.

Mission Walkthrough of The Glided Cage in RDR2

Begin by meeting Hosea at the camp. Dutch encourages you to get ready and compares you to Cinderella, stating that you’re heading to an Angelo Bronte-hosted ball.

You ride in a stagecoach with Hosea, Bill, and Dutch, all dressed up. You have to surrender your guns at the entrance. Dutch laughs at some men and declines a request from Bronte to kill someone.

Follow Dutch outside after a tense conversation. You must fulfil some activities for a gold medal, such as complementing a lady and presenting champagne to other guests. Accept a man’s business card and save him from choking. Speak with the two men who give you theatre tickets.

Head to the fountain and save the mayor from a drunkard. Later, you overhear a servant calling the mayor about a phone call from Cornwall. Dutch tells you to follow the servant without being noticed.

Gold Medal Requirements of The Glided Cage in RDR2

To get a gold medal, make sure you stay hidden and don’t get caught. The servant goes upstairs to an office where he puts a ledger in a desk. Wait for him to leave, then take the ledger.

Glided Cage RDR2

Return to Dutch while remaining unseen. Everyone exits the gathering, and Bill is not pleased with the wealthy guests. Lenny approaches you with your weapons. The following morning, Dutch tells you about a “big score” that will bring you all home.

That’s the end of the mission.

Mission Walkthrough of The Glided Cage in Simple Steps RDR2

  • Prepare for a party hosted by Angelo Bronte.
  • Travel in a stagecoach with Hosea, Bill, and Dutch.
  • Surrender your guns at the party entrance.
  • Save a choking man and accept his business card.
  • Talk to men offering theater tickets.
  • Save the mayor from a drunkard near the fountain.
  • Overhear a phone call mentioning Cornwall.
  • Follow a servant stealthily to an office and take a ledger.
  • Return to Dutch while remaining unseen.
  • Everyone leaves the party, and Bill is unhappy.
  • Dutch talks about a “big score” to take you all home.
  • Mission ends.

To Wrap it all Up

Red Dead Redemption 2’s “The Gilded Cage” objective has the group attending a party that the mayor of Saint Denis is throwing. They intend to meet Bronte at the party in search of employment options. Socialising, accomplishing activities for a gold medal, rescuing the mayor from a drunk, and learning crucial information are all part of the objective.

As the gang prepares for two more robberies, Arthur grabs some documents. When they finally leave the party, Dutch mentions a “big score” that will take them back home. In the game’s narrative, the task offers a thrilling and adventurous experience.

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