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Guoba Genshin Impact: In the game “Genshin Impact,” there are many characters that are fun and exciting to play with. They are not only strong in battles but also have their own unique personalities and stories. Some characters are mischievous adventurers, some are brave knights, and others are mysterious sorcerers.

Each character has special abilities and ways of fighting, so you can try different strategies in the game. Whether it’s the energetic Klee, the tricky Fischl, or the mysterious Zhongli, these characters make the game enjoyable and take you on an amazing adventure.

Guoba in Genshin Impact

Guoba is Xiangling’s buddy and partner in the game. He helps Xiangling during battles with his Guoba Attack ability.

In the past, Guoba was a powerful god called Marchosius. He was known as the God of the Stove and the Patron God of the Soil. Alongside other gods like Morax and Guizhong, he lived in the Guili Assembly. When the nation was destroyed in the Archon War, he survived and helped establish Liyue Harbor. However, due to various disasters, he used up his power to revitalize the land, which caused him to shrink in size and lose some of his intelligence.

Background History of Guoba in Genshin Impact

Marchosius, a god of the Guili Assembly, aided the city’s prosperity long ago. The assembly was destroyed in a flood during the Archon War. Marchosius joined Morax and their people in establishing Liyue Harbor. Centuries later, Marchosius sacrificed his power to protect Liyue from calamities and plagues. He entered a deep sleep, losing his physical form and intelligence. Xiangling discovered a shrine and encountered a creature named Guoba, who ate her food. Unbeknownst to her, Guoba was an ancient god merged with the legends of the God of the Stove.

Guoba Genshin Impact

Personality Analysis of Guoba in Genshin Impact

Even though Guoba cannot speak, he remembers things from his past life as Marchosius, including his adepti friends. Guoba travels with Xiangling and supports her by boosting her morale, finding ingredients, and creating fire when necessary. He especially loves eating delicious food.

Powers and Abilities of Guoba in Genshin Impact

Despite Guoba’s love for spicy food, he cannot handle it well, so he manifests his inability through his fire power. He can control the strength and heat of his flames, either through training with Xiangling or by instinct. He can even use his flames to remove pig bristles without burning the meat.

Interestingly, Guoba has the ability to create chili peppers. He starts with one and eats it during his special attack, and Xiangling mentions frying up “one of Guoba’s chili peppers” in her voice lines.

How Does Guoba Look in Genshin Impact

Guoba is a cute and friendly creature that looks like a walking orange panda. He stands on two legs, just like a human. On his back, there is a symbol that looks like a mix of a Geo symbol (which represents the element of earth) and a Pyro symbol (which represents the element of fire).

This symbol shows that Guoba has a connection to both earth and fire. It adds to his unique appearance and hints at his ability to control fire, making him even more special and interesting.

Interesting Facts about Guoba in Genshin Impact

The symbol on Guoba’s back represents both the Geo and Pyro elements, symbolizing his connection to fire and his former role as the God of the Stove. It resembles the insignia seen on Hu Tao’s hat from the Wangsheng Funeral Parlor. In Chinese folklore, the Kitchen God is a deity who watches over households and reports their activities to the Jade Emperor.

Families offer sweet foods to the Kitchen God before Chinese New Year as a bribe for a favorable report. Guoba is mentioned in the descriptions of two furnishings: the Fragrant Cedar Vegetable Rack and the God of the Stove Statue.

To Wrap it all Up

Guoba is a beloved character in the game Genshin Impact. He is Xiangling’s loyal companion and assists her in battles with his Guoba Attack ability. Guoba has a fascinating background history as the former god Marchosius, the God of the Stove and Patron God of the Soil. Despite his inability to speak, he retains memories from his past life and travels with Xiangling, providing support and creating fire when needed. Guoba’s powers include controlling flames of varying strength and heat, and he has the unique ability to create chili peppers.

With his adorable appearance as a bipedal orange panda-like creature and the symbolic Geo-Pyro symbol on his back, Guoba captures the hearts of players. The connection between Guoba and the Chinese Kitchen God folklore adds an interesting cultural dimension to his character.

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