Honkai Star Rail: Aetherium Wars Best Teams and Aether Spirits

The latest special event in the Honkai Star Rail series is the Aetherium Wars, and to ensure victory in battles and secure all the potential rewards, it’s crucial to assemble the most effective team possible.

In the ever-evolving world of HoYoverse’s gacha sensation, Honkai Star Rail. Trailblazers are treated to a plethora of captivating content. This includes obtaining free and banner-exclusive characters, embarking on thrilling quests, and partaking in engaging turn-based battles.

Limited-time events also play a substantial role in the Honkai Star Rail experience, and the most recent addition is the Aetherium Wars event. This event not only introduces fresh gameplay elements but also offers players the opportunity to acquire desirable rewards.

To excel in this endeavor, a formidable team is indispensable. Therefore, we’ve prepared a comprehensive guide outlining the most effective teams to deploy during the Aetherium Wars event in Honkai Star Rail.

What is the Honkai Star Rail Aetherium Wars event?

The Aetherium Wars event featured in Honkai Star Rail distinguishes itself from other quests and events within the game. Progressing through this event is straightforward, albeit with a unique twist – instead of utilizing the standard characters, players engage in battles using a team of Aether Spirits.

A straightforward means to comprehend these Aether Spirits is by drawing an analogy with the Pokémon concept. By defeating specific adversaries in each region, you have the opportunity to recruit copies of them to augment your squad. To successfully traverse all the zones within the Aetherium Wars event, it is imperative to assemble a well-rounded team of Aether Spirits. Ideally, this ensemble should include at least one offensive, one defensive, and a minimum of one supportive member.

How To Unlock Honkai Star Rail Aetherium Wars?


Ever since its initial release, Honkai: Star Rail has brought the primary narrative arcs of Herta Space Station, Jarilo-VI, and The Xianzhou Luofu to a conclusion. To access the Aetherium Wars event. Players are required to progress through the story to this specific juncture. Unlocking the Future Market Trailblaze Continuance mission, which will transport them back to Jarilo-VI.

Typically, an event linked to the main storyline would include a Quick Start option allowing players to bypass eligibility criteria. However, this feature is not applicable to Aetherium Wars since it ushers players to distinct locations within the game world that are only accessible through the main story progression. After completing the Future Market mission, the Aetherium Wars quest will be unlocked.

It’s worth noting that this event is notably quest-intensive and may take approximately nine to ten hours to complete if one chooses not to skip through the dialogues. Moreover, it is replete with various puzzles, making it advisable to commence the event a few days before its culmination.

What Are Aether Spirits?


Upon delving into the Aetherium Wars event, you’ll quickly grasp that the characters you’ve cultivated on your account are irrelevant here. Instead, this event employs Aether Spirits in its turn-based combat system. Furthermore, the vulnerability mechanics differ from the standard battles in Honkai: Star Rail.

Once the Aether Spirits are unlocked, the next step involves enhancing them using Aether Spirit Upgrade Data. With a maximum level cap of six. You can procure this data by defeating various NPCs throughout your domain exploration and participating in Hyperlink Matches, which become accessible after obtaining the Mark in a specific domain.

With your Aether Spirits at hand, you can assemble up to six distinct team compositions, each accommodating up to four Spirits. Ultimately, you’ll confront five formidable adversaries on the main stage to determine the identity of the Elite Player.

Best Honkai Star Rail Aetherium Wars team

Given the ever-evolving nature of adversaries in the Aetherium Wars, relying on a single team composition throughout the event may not be the most effective strategy. However, there are specific Aether Spirits that stand out as exceptional choices for building teams that yield optimal results. Below is a comprehensive list of these noteworthy Aether Spirits and the roles they can fulfill:

  • Silvermane Lieutenant 
  • Warp Trotter 
  • Silvermane Soldier 
  • Aurumaton Gatekeeper

Incorporating at least one of these units into your team. You’ll be better equipped to tackle the challenges presented by the Aetherium Wars.


Creating the best teams and harnessing the power of Aether Spirits in Honkai Star Rail: Aetherium Wars is a crucial aspect of mastering the game. This article has provided a comprehensive guide to assist players in forming optimal teams. And understanding the nuances of Aether Spirits. As you embark on your intergalactic journey, the insights shared in this guide will be your key to success. Enabling you to navigate the game’s challenges and emerge victorious.

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