Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.4 Update Leaks

A recent leak from Honkai: Star Rail has unveiled the gacha banners lined up for Version 1.4, showcasing the inclusion of two highly anticipated five-star characters, namely Jingliu and Topaz. The initial updates of HoYoverse’s latest sci-fi RPG have already introduced numerous beloved characters to the game’s lineup through its initial storyline. The addition of Stellaron Hunters Kafka and Blade occurred in Version 1.2, while the forthcoming Version 1.3 is poised to bring forth two more five-star units, Imbibitor Lunae and Fu Xuan. Even before the launch of Version 1.3, leaks are already hinting at the gacha banners for the subsequent update.

Although only Jingliu has made an appearance in Honkai: Star Rail so far, there is already a substantial amount of information circulating about both expected five-star characters of Version 1.4 before their official release. HoYoverse confirmed the inclusion of both Topaz and Jingliu in Version 1.4 following the Version 1.3 Special Program. This confirmation also shed light on their elemental attributes and specializations. Jingliu will debut as an Ice character in the Destruction Path, while Topaz will emerge as a Fire Hunt character.

A secret leak from Honkai: Star Rail has been revealed by a trustworthy person called Dimbreath. It shows a list of four-star characters that will be joining Topaz and Jingliu’s banners. In Jingliu’s gacha banner, players can expect to see support characters like Tingyun and Sampo, as well as a damage dealer named Qingque. Topaz’s introduction to Honkai: Star Rail will also include a new character named Guinaifen, who is a four-star character. Additionally, the Version 1. 2 of the game will feature two other four-star characters, Luka and Sushang. The release of Version 1. 4 is expected to happen on October 11th.

Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.4 Update Characters Leaks

  • Jingliu: Five-star character
  • Tingyun: Four-star character
  • Sampo: Four-star character
  • Qingque: Four-star character
  • Topaz: Five-star character
  • Guinaifen: Four-star character
  • Luka: Four-star character
  • Sushang: Four-star character

Numerous leaks have surfaced, unveiling forthcoming characters set to join the ranks of Honkai: Star Rail. Of particular interest is the imminent introduction of Jingliu and Topaz. These leaks provide a glimpse into the realm of high-tier characters that could potentially make their entrance in Version 1.5 of the game. It appears that Huohuo and Argenti will take center stage in the game’s fifth update once it rolls out. An intriguing rumor has also emerged, hinting at Argenti potentially assuming the role of a new boss within Honkai: Star Rail. This echoes the precedent set by playable characters like Kafka and Yanqing, who transitioned into boss roles in the game’s narrative.

Moreover, these leaks tantalizingly suggest that figures from Honkai Impact 3rd, specifically Yae Sakura and Raiden Mei, might step into the spotlight through a crossover.

These recent leaks provide a sneak peek into the content of Version 1.4 of the game. However, prior to that release, Version 1.3 is set to launch next week, bringing forth a plethora of new attractions for players to immerse themselves in. Version 1.3 ushers in the introduction of Xianzhou Luofu’s Aurum Alley, a secretive location intertwined with one of the game’s central events. Additionally, gamers can anticipate an array of updates for the Simulated Universe mode, including the introduction of a fresh Path named Propagation within the roguelike game mode, accompanied by a new storyline. The evolving state of Honkai: Star Rail’s gameplay reflects its continued success, solidifying its position as a premier title within the HoYoverse gaming lineup.


In conclusion, the leaked information about the Honkai: Star Rail Version 1.4 update has provided fans with a tantalizing glimpse into the new features, content, and improvements coming to the game. While leaks can sometimes fuel excitement and speculation, they also highlight the anticipation surrounding the evolving gameplay experience. As players look forward to diving into the fresh challenges and innovations introduced in this update, the leaked details serve as a preview of what’s to come, heightening the community’s eagerness to explore the Honkai universe once again.

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