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Hornist’s Dramatic Escape Zelda. Welcome to the incredible world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom! Get ready for thrilling missions and quests that will take you on an epic adventure. From expansive landscapes to mysterious dungeons, there are countless challenges and secrets waiting for you to discover.

Embark on quests that will test your bravery, intelligence, and skills. As you navigate dangerous terrains, face strong enemies, and unravel the kingdom’s mysteries. Each mission has a unique goal, such as finding a legendary artifact. Saving a captured friend, or defeating a mighty boss.

Explore diverse regions like lush forests and dry deserts, and meet colorful characters who will guide you and share valuable information. Solve tricky puzzles, explore ancient ruins, and use magical abilities to overcome obstacles.

What is Hornist’s Dramatic Escape in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

“The Hornist’s Dramatic Escape” is a captivating side adventure that awaits you in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. As you progress through the main questline and explore the vast world, you’ll stumble upon this intriguing mission. Your objective is to come to the aid of Eustus, a member of The Stable Trotters, who finds himself trapped inside a hole alongside his wagon.

To undertake this rescue mission, you’ll need to use your wit, skills, and courage. Journey through various landscapes and delve into treacherous areas as you follow the path of the Great Fairy Fountains questline. Along the way, you’ll encounter obstacles, enemies, and puzzles that must be overcome to reach Eustus and free him from his predicament.

As you navigate through this side adventure, you’ll uncover more about Eustus and The Stable Trotters, unraveling their stories and deepening your connection to the world of Tears of the Kingdom. The mission adds an exciting twist to your gameplay experience, offering a rewarding and immersive quest that expands upon the main storyline.

Location of Hornist’s Dramatic Escape in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

You will find “The Hornist’s Dramatic Escape” quest by chance while exploring the vast world of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. However, it’s easier to discover when you’re on the quest to coax the Great Fairy Mija from her snowy fountain near Snowfield Stable.

During the quest to meet Great Fairy Mija, you’ll embark on an exciting adventure. As you traverse the snowy landscapes and interact with different characters, you may hear rumors about someone trapped in a perilous situation. These hints will lead you to Eustus and his wagon, starting the “The Hornist’s Dramatic Escape” side quest.

By undertaking this quest, you’ll help Eustus and uncover more about the interconnected characters and stories in Tears of the Kingdom. It adds depth to your exploration and reveals the game world’s intricate connections.

Walkthrough of The Side Adventure Quest ‘Hornist’s Dramatic Escape’

When you talk to Mastro at the stable, he will inform you that Eustus, the hornist of the troupe, has disappeared. The last sighting of Eustus was near Tabantha Bridge Stable. It’s important to note that if you start this quest with Mastro, he won’t appear at any other stable until you complete it.

Following the lead, you visit the stable and learn from one of the stablehands that Eustus was planning to take supplies to Rito Village in his wagon. However, he was warned about dangerous holes along the path. As you continue on the road north and northeast from the great bridge, you’ll spot a large crater emitting smoke signals where Eustus is trapped.

Talking to Eustus in Hornist’s Dramatic Escape in Zelda: Tears of The Kingdom

Talking to Eustus, he asks for your help in freeing him. Fortunately, all the tools you need to assist him are in the pit with his broken wagon. You can use various methods, but a simple way to airlift the wagon is by placing a flat roof over it and attaching a balloon above or attaching two balloons to each post with Flame Emitters. Additionally, you can place two Fans at the back of the wagon to provide forward and upward movement. Once everything is set, ask Eustus to get in the wagon, place it on the far side for a head start, and lift it out of the hole.

After successfully rescuing Eustus, he will happily rejoin the troupe and reward you with some courser bee honey. Keep hold of these as they can be useful if you haven’t awakened Great Fairy Cotera yet. You will now find Eustus at the stable with the rest of the musical troupe. You can use his horn to awaken Great Fairy Mija.

To Wrap it all Up

“The Hornist’s Dramatic Escape” is an exciting side quest in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom. During your exploration. You will encounter this mission that tasks you with rescuing Eustus. He is a member of The Stable Trotters, who has become trapped in a hole with his wagon.

To undertake this quest, you must follow the Great Fairy Fountains questline. Start your journey through diverse landscapes, solving puzzles and facing challenges. By completing this quest, you will learn more about Eustus and The Stable Trotters, adding depth to the game’s storyline.

You can easily find the quest. When you undertake the mission to coax the Great Fairy Mija from her snowy fountain near Snowfield Stable. After successfully freeing Eustus. He will reward you with courser bee honey, and you can use his horn to awaken Great Fairy Mija.

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