How to Get Crystal Heart Remnant 2

In Remnant 2, relics hold significant importance within your arsenal, and you can begin utilizing them right after completing the tutorial. These items are visible in the bottom-left corner of your screen, initially equipped with three charges. You have the option to expand this capacity by visiting Wallace when you possess a Simulacrum. In this article we’ll be discussing about how to get crystal heart Remnant 2.

As you make advancements within the game, you have the opportunity to unveil fresh Relics featuring diverse effects. Among these Relics is the Crystal Heart, accessible exclusively upon reaching the N’Erud region. Depending on your fortune, this achievement can transpire within the first to fourth worlds of your Campaign.

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How do I get the Crystal Heart Remnant 2?

Once you’ve reached the N’Erud region, your objective is to locate a Side Path named The Dark Conduit. These Side Paths are recognizable by their distinctive curved door symbol. They are subject to complete randomness, implying that there’s a possibility you might not encounter them at all during your Campaign.

  1. Consider restarting your Campaign if N’Erud happens to be your initial world, although be aware that the likelihood of success with this approach is quite minimal.
  2. Complete N’Erud by defeating the final boss, and subsequently, utilize Adventure Mode to cycle through until you successfully encounter it.

Once you’ve entered the necessary Side Path, you will come across a radiant purple item concealed behind a locked door after making some progress. Progressing through the area requires circumnavigating until you locate a chamber where one of the batteries has become disconnected from the contraption (as depicted earlier). Rectifying this battery issue triggers the opening of a new doorway.

Upon stepping into this room, you will immediately spot the Crystal Heart Relic ornamenting a statue. Once obtained, you can exit through the initial door where you first spotted it. When the Crystal Heart is equipped, it initiates the gradual restoration of your health to full capacity over a span of ten seconds upon activation. Furthermore, during this period, your movement speed is reduced by 50 percent, and the damage you take is diminished by 25 percent.

Additional Tips For Crystal Heart Remnant 2

  1. The Dark Conduit side path is not always available, so you may need to reroll your campaign until it appears.
  2. The loose fuse is easy to miss, so be sure to look carefully around the room.
  3. The Crystal Heart Relic is a valuable item, so be sure to protect it from enemies.

Final Verdict

In summary the Crystal Heart Remnant 2 holds power. Can greatly enhance any tank build, in Remnant 2. To obtain it you must advance to the N’Erud region. Locate the Dark Conduit side path. Once you’re, in the side path locate a fuse. Repair it to unlock a door. Inside the room you’ll discover the Crystal Heart Relic resting upon a statue.

The Crystal Heart Relic enhances your health and durability providing resistance, against damage. Additionally it offers an opportunity to recover some health when you take hits, which can be incredibly helpful, during battles. If you’re seeking a relic that will boost your abilities significantly the Crystal Heart is an option.

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