How to Pet Tamed Animals in Fortnite?

If you’re aiming to complete the quest titled how to pet tamed animals in fortnite during the Summer Escape event in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, you’ve come to the right place.

In Chapter 2 Season 6, sometimes referred to as Primal, Fortnite initially offered the ability to tame animals. Since then, Epic Games has introduced the capability to ride and get close to animals.

The method of petting animals is simple and doesn’t take much work. We’ve included information below on where to find animals, how to tame them, and how to show them affection.

How to Pet Tamed Animals in Fortnite?

How to Pet Tamed Animals in Fortnite

If you want to pet tamed animals in fortnite, the process is quite simple. Start by hopping onto the back of the animal, and while riding it, just press the Down button on the D-Pad (or B on the keyboard).

In Fortnite, if you have reassigned your emote button, it’s important to note that the Pet command may have also changed to your new keybind. When it comes to petting animals, although it doesn’t offer any practical advantages like stamina restoration, there is a delightful incentive for showing affection. If you pet an animal three times within a match, you will be rewarded with the “Who’s A Good Boy?” accolade, accompanied by 500 XP. So, take the time to shower your tamed wolves or boars with love and enjoy the additional benefits it brings to your gameplay experience.

Where to Find Animals to Pet in Fortnite?

In Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, the most optimal locations to encounter wolves and boars are as follows:

  • Breakwater Bay
  • The Citadel
  • Shattered Slabs

Wolves and boars are most commonly found in abundance in the western to northwestern regions of the Fortnite map. However, it’s worth noting that they can also be encountered throughout other areas of the map. Look for these creatures wandering in grassy sections outside of Points of Interest (POIs). It’s important to keep in mind that there are no specific predetermined locations where wolves or boars are guaranteed to spawn.

How to Ride Animals in Fortnite?

How to Pet Tamed Animals in Fortnite

To ride a wolf or boar in Fortnite, you must go through the following steps:

Firstly, locate a spawn area where wolves or boars are known to appear. Afterward, grab their attention by either dropping meat nearby or approaching them cautiously. Subsequently, leap onto the back of the wolf or boar by pressing the jump button. Once you have successfully mounted the animal, it will become tamed and faithfully follow you when you’re not riding it. Additionally, it can assist you in combat against your adversaries. Furthermore, you have the option to show affection to the tamed wolf or boar at any time by using the same method as mentioned earlier.

What Can Animals Do in Fortnite?

In the world of Fortnite, boars and wolves are not just fast modes of transportation but also valuable assets for combat. Boars exhibit their strength by headbutting any enemy they encounter, while wolves can be commanded to charge at foes. To unleash their attacks, simply maintain pressure on the sprint button and observe as your recently tamed animal forcefully collides with your opponent, dealing a significant blow. This dynamic feature adds excitement and a strategic advantage when utilizing these loyal creatures during intense combat situations.

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