How to Play Apex Legends Kill Code Game Mode?

Kill Code is the new Apex game mode. We walk you through how to complete the new story mode in Apex Legends. It’s a limited time story mode called Kill Code: A Thief’s Bane and it’s based on the Kill Code Lore for Apex legends Season 18. We walk you through the steps to get through the story and then explain the lore related to Loba and Revenant in this Apex Kill Code game mode. We’ll give you a bit of a guide on how to make it through this story mode just because there’s a bit of a parkour and you might not know which way to go so this should help you out. In this article we’ll be discussing about Apex Legends Kill Code Game Mode.

How to Play Kill Code Game Mode?

  • After the cut scenes are finished, you will need to interact with the console in front of you. There’s nothing to do on the sides, but you can explore and find a hidden Nessie to the right of the console. Once you’re back at the top platform, activate the console, and it will take you on a lift all the way down to the bottom. However, you’ll notice that the view of the bridge ahead is broken. Don’t worry though, if you fall off or jump off the lift, it will just reset you back to the top of the bridge. So, you won’t have to start the cut scene all over again. Once you’re at the bottom, use your lobe of bracelet to get across to the other side of the bridge.
  • The door ahead is closed, so look up and you’ll notice a vent. Use your bracelet to access the vent and move through it as usual. Once you reach the end, you can simply jump out, and it will lead you into a room. Continue moving forward, and you’ll have to jump across to the other side. You can opt for some parkour with slide jump mechanics, or alternatively, use your bracelet, which is a simpler and faster way to cross. When you reach the end of these jumps, you’re almost there.
  • Alternatively, you can use your bracelet. In that case, look to the right of the door in front of you, where you’ll find a large tunnel. Throw your bracelet into the tunnel and proceed to move through it. From here, you can jump through the tunnel or use your bracelet to reach the other part of the broken bridge. Once you’re there, you can either slide jump down or use your bracelet again for a smoother experience. After that, turn right and go over the first pipe and under the second pipe to continue.
  • To reach the bridge on the other side, utilize your bracelet once more. Although it might be slightly challenging to spot, aim just above the dangling parts, and your bracelet will transport you to the bridge on the opposite side. After reaching the other side, proceed to the end of that bridge. When you encounter green screens in a dead end, turn to your right and climb up. Once you’re on top of the pipes, look up again. Use your bracelet to access the platform above you.
  • From this point, proceed towards the left, where you’ll encounter a few more pipes to go over and under. Then, use your bracelet to cross over from there. If you look to the left, you’ll notice some broken glass. Throw your bracelet through it, and it will lead you into a room. Next, you’ll need to reach the platform on the top right. You can either climb up to the platform or simply throw your bracelet straight into the vent. Once you’re there, head through the vent.
  • Next, you have two options: either slide jump out, or you can use your Tactical once more to reach the vent on the other side. Proceed through the vent, similar to what you did in the previous one. As you go through this vent, you’ll need to use your bracelet to climb up when you encounter a ridge at the end that is closed off. Use your Tactical to pass through the gaps and reach the other side. Once you’re there, continue on, but note that the door at the end is also blocked off, so you’ll need to locate another vent on your right.

The rest of the process is rather simple and by this point you may have realized how important a role your bracelet plays in this game mode. However, the author would be happy to answer if you have any further questions. You can ask them in the comments section below.

Final Verdict

Finally players looking for intense action and strategic gameplay will find the Apex Legends Kill Code game mode to be an amazing and fast paced experience. To succeed in this mode you must master its special mechanics such as gathering data clusters and governing the zone. Kill Code is a game that fans of Apex Legends really must play because of the dynamic gameplay and the difficulty.

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