How You Can Use The Scanner In Starfield

Starfield is a game that takes place in space and has many different tools you can use. A tool called a scanner is available for you to use in Starfield. This guide will show you how to use it and explain what it does.

Starfield is a really big game, and exploring is one of the most important parts of playing it. To have an unforgettable adventure and find answers to the universe’s big questions, you should explore planets, plants, animals, cities, and other things.

One thing that can make your journey in Starfield easier is the scanner. This is a basic tool, but it is really useful and better than almost everything else in the game.

This text explains how to use the scanner and why it is useful in Starfield. It will be discussed in the sections below.

How To Use The Scanner In Starfield


Using the scanner in Starfield is very easy. To turn it on, just press F on your computer or LB on your Xbox controller. This will turn on the scanner mode and then you can use it to get information from almost anything and everything you point it at.

The Starfield game allows upgrading the scanner tool. To do this, you need to improve your skills in Surveying and Astrophysics. The first one will make the scanner in your hand better, while the last one will make the scanner on your ship better.

Scanner Abilities In Starfield


The scanner is a tool in the game that can be used for many different activities. Below are some examples of what you can use the scanner for in the game.

Planetary Resources

Planets boast a rich array of valuable resources that are often challenging to discern without assistance. The handheld scanner greatly simplifies this task, encompassing both the examination of the planet’s flora and fauna.

Fast Travel

The scanner serves as a means of expedited travel back to your spacecraft when you’re outdoors. To activate this feature, simply point it in the direction of your ship. It’s essential, though, to mark your ship’s location in advance for this function to operate correctly.

Optimal Route Determination

Utilizing the scanner aids in identifying the most efficient path to reach your intended destination in the shortest possible time.

Enemy and NPC Tracking

The scanner can also be employed to pinpoint and highlight the presence of adversaries and non-player characters (NPCs) on any given planet.

Collectible Items

Another valuable function of the scanner is its ability to highlight distinctive materials and collectibles that you may wish to gather during your exploration.

Distant Planet Scans

Additionally, the scanner allows for remote planet scanning. However, it’s worth noting that the ship’s scanner is required for this specific purpose.


In conclusion, understanding how to use the scanner in Starfield is a crucial aspect of the gameplay experience in this highly anticipated space-faring RPG. The scanner tool allows players to explore the vast reaches of the universe, discover valuable resources, and uncover hidden secrets. As you master the scanner’s functions, you’ll gain a competitive edge in your journey through the cosmos, making it an essential tool for navigating the challenges and mysteries that await in Starfield’s expansive universe.

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