Where to Find Indian Tobacco RDR2 – Location, Map & Tips

Indian Tobacco RDR2: The huge and immersive world of Red Dead Redemption 2 is loaded with a broad selection of trees and flora that contribute to the game’s authentic and bright environment. The game depicts the beauty and variety of nature, from towering trees to fragile wildflowers. Flora encountered by players includes evergreen trees, oak trees, pine trees, cacti, ferns, and more.

These plants provide a variety of functions, including the provision of crafting resources, medicinal herbs, and food for survival. Exploring the outdoors and discovering new trees and flora adds dimension to the gameplay and heightens the sensation of immersion in the wild west.

Indian Tobacco in RDR2 (Red Dead Redemption 2)

Indian Tobacco is a plant that grows abundantly in Red Dead Redemption 2’s huge open environment. This plant is distinguished by its unique white blossoms and long green foliage. Indian Tobacco grows in grassy regions, meadows, and near riverbanks.

Its powerful and pungent odor distinguishes Indian Tobacco. Players use Indian Tobacco for medical purposes in the game.

It may restore a percentage of the player’s health when consumed, making it a critical resource for survival during difficult battles or when recovering from injuries. Players can collect Indian Tobacco by simply approaching the plant and engaging with it, adding it to their inventory for later use.

Appearance of The Indian Tobacco in RDR2

Players can easily identify Indian Tobacco by its tall stature, serrated leaves, and beautiful lilac blooms. These plants grow widely in woodlands and savannas, specifically in the West Elizabeth, Ambarino, and Lemoyne regions of the game. In Red Dead Redemption 2, players can use Indian Tobacco in various ways. They can consume it to recharge their Dead Eye Core, which enhances their accuracy and perception in combat.

Furthermore, Indian Tobacco is a necessary component in the creation of Snake Oil, a valuable consumable that restores health and Dead Eye levels. Explorers and survivalists should keep an eye out for these particular flora in order to gain from their advantages in the game.

How to Get Indian Tobacco in RDR2 – Locations

If you’re playing as Arthur in Red Dead Redemption 2, you can saddle up your trusty horse and begin your search for Indian Tobacco. One good spot to look is in New Hanover, where multiple Indian Tobacco nodes may be found along the hills by the Dakota River. A second location is near the crossroads southwest of Caliban’s Seat.

Indian Tobacco RDR2

At other areas, look northwest of the Van Horn Trading Post at Annesburg, between the Kamassa and Lannahechee rivers. Indian Tobacco is commonly found along the bases of trees and can be found in groups with other plants.

Searching Woodlands and Grasslands for Indian Tobacco in RDR2

You can also locate Indian Tobacco in wooded and grassy locations, such as Scarlett Meadows near Lemoyne. Keep a watch out along Flat Iron Lake’s beaches, especially west of Southfield Flats, west of Rhodes, and south of Bolger Glade.

If you want to unlock the “Picked to Perfection” trophy/achievement. Which requires you to collect 25 different plants, herbs, or mushrooms. Including multiples of the same kind, Indian Tobacco can help you. There are numerous of these plants in New Hanover and other regions. Making it easier to fulfil the assignment in the game’s early chapters.

Indian Tobacco Card Location in RDR2

Players can find the Indian Tobacco Cigarette Card in Saint Denis, Bayou Nwa, and Lemoyne in the game. This card belongs to the Flora of North America Card Set, which includes many plants and flowers from the game.

Go just south of the letter “N” in Bayou Nwa to find the Indian Tobacco card. You will come across a modest house occupied by a man there. It’s vital to remember that if you accept the man’s offer to go inside for dinner. A potentially upsetting incident may ensue.

The card is located on the western side of the home, on top of a neighbouring container. Keep a look out for it while exploring and collecting cards in this area.

To Wrap it all Up

In Red Dead Redemption 2, players can find Indian Tobacco, a plant with tall stature, serrated leaves, and lavender flowers. It grows in West Elizabeth, Ambarino, and Lemoyne forests and savannas. Consuming Indian Tobacco restores health, and making it yields Snake Oil. Indian Tobacco can be found in the hills along the Dakota River in New Hanover. Near the Van Horn Trading Post, and in Scarlett Meadows.

Players can also find an Indian Tobacco Cigarette Card in a little cottage located south of the letter “N” in Bayou Nwa. Collecting Indian Tobacco unlocks achievements and adds to the game’s vivid world.

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