Infinite Money Glitch Zelda How to Do it, Tips & Tricks

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players have found glitches that let them duplicate items, weapons, and shields. These glitches can give them an unfair advantage by exploiting the game’s mechanics. However, Nintendo often releases patches to fix these glitches and preserve the intended gameplay. While using these glitches may provide temporary benefits like infinite rupees or abundant resources, they can disrupt the game’s economy and reduce the enjoyment of playing Tears of the Kingdom as intended.

Infinite Money Glitch in Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom

If players are in need of materials or money, the duplication glitches can be easily executed with a bow, arrows, or a paraglider, requiring some patience. It is important to note that there is a possibility of facing consequences from Nintendo for exploiting these glitches.

What is an Infinite Money Glitch in Zelda?

The Infinite Money Glitch in Zelda is an easy duplication glitch, that let’s you create infinite amount of resources. Rupees in the game can easily be duplicated.

By taking advantage of this glitch, players have the opportunity to acquire an unlimited amount of rupees, leading to a severe imbalance in the game’s economy and detracting from the intended enjoyment of playing Tears of the Kingdom.

This glitch allows players who may be in dire need of materials or money to exploit the game’s mechanics, duplicating items with relative ease and minimal risk. However, it is important to remember that using these duplication glitches goes against the intended gameplay experience and may diminish the sense of challenge and accomplishment that the game’s creators intended for players to experience.

How to do the Infinite Money Glitch in Zelda? Material Duplication

To perform the duplication glitch in Zelda, start by equipping a bow, melee weapon, and shield. Switch Link to his bow without aiming or nocking an arrow. Fuse the desired material onto an arrow by pressing up on the D-pad. Pause the game and drop the equipped bow from the “Bows and Arrows” tab. Quickly switch to a different bow while the pause menu is open.

Close and reopen the pause menu by pressing the plus button twice. The currently equipped bow and arrow will now have the fused material. Drop the equipped bow and exit the pause menu, and you’ll find both bows with the fused materials on the ground. Duplicating valuable materials like diamonds is particularly helpful through this glitch, as they can be sold for up to 500 rupees each. For a more detailed explanation and instructions on duplicating weapons, shields, and bows, you can watch the accompanying video. Keep in mind that this method requires saving and reloading the game for each duplication, which adds some complexity to the process.

How to do the Infinite Money Glitch in Zelda? Weapon Duplication

To duplicate weapons, shields, or bows in Zelda, start by opening the pause menu using the plus button. Equip the desired item and create a manual save in the System menu. From the inventory screen, drop the item you want to duplicate, then equip another item of the same type.

Quickly close and reopen the pause menu by pressing the plus button twice. Drop the currently equipped item and reload the manual save from the System menu. You should now find the duplicated weapon, shield, or bow on the ground. Timing is crucial when closing and reopening the pause menu, so practicing with the materials duplication glitch can be helpful. This method utilizes game saves to exploit the duplication glitch.

To Wrap it all Up

In The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, players have found glitches to duplicate items, weapons, and shields, giving them an unfair advantage. However, developers like Nintendo often release patches to fix these glitches and maintain the intended gameplay. Exploiting these glitches can disrupt the in-game economy and diminish the overall enjoyment. One example is the Infinite Money Glitch, which duplicates rupees. It involves equipping a bow, fusing materials onto an arrow, and manipulating the pause menu. However, it’s important to consider the ethical implications and impact on the game’s challenge and sense of accomplishment.

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