Is Patrick Bateman And Fortnite Collab Happening?

Fortnite has become known for its remarkable crossovers, and the current talk revolves around the possibility of a collaboration featuring Patrick Bateman from “American Psycho.”

Players are intrigued and thrilled at the prospect of Bateman joining the game’s already diverse roster of characters. However, it’s essential to examine the credibility of this rumor. Let’s delve into the matter and explore whether this collaboration is genuine and if we can anticipate the arrival of this skin in the game anytime soon.

Is Patrick Bateman Coming To Fortnite?

No, there are no plans to introduce Patrick Bateman to Fortnite.

Despite Fortnite’s history of exciting collaborations, there is currently no evidence of an “American Psycho” crossover in the works.

A TikTok video recently went viral, amassing over two million views, showcasing a supposed Fortnite bundle called “It’s Sigma Time,” featuring a Patrick Bateman skin. However, it is crucial to clarify that the visuals displayed in the video are not official but rather created by fans.


fake everything #fyp #edmondx bateman by TNTina on twitter

♬ original sound – eddy

The mentioned video showcases a fan-made edit that initially surfaced on the Fortnite Reddit in June 2022. The edit was created by a user named Fortnuter26.

While the image may give the impression of an official Patrick Bateman skin, it is, in reality, a piece of concept art and not an official character in Fortnite.

Although Patrick Bateman himself won’t be coming to Fortnite, one of his famous dances is already available in the game. The “Business Hips” emote appears to be inspired by the character’s moves to Huey Lewis & The News “Hip to Be Square.”

This emote is priced at 500 V-Bucks, but it has not been featured in the Item Shop since November 30, 2022. You can watch the dance below:

Business Hips | Fortnite Emote

Who Is Patrick Bateman?

Patrick Bateman is a fictional character and the central anti-hero in Bret Easton Ellis’s novel “American Psycho” and its film adaptation. He resides in New York City during the late 1980s, where he works as a prosperous and attractive investment banker.

Beneath his polished exterior, Bateman conceals a dark secret—he is a serial killer. Actor Christian Bale portrayed the character of Patrick Bateman in the film adaptation of “American Psycho.”


In conclusion, the article “Is Patrick Bateman And Fortnite Collab Happening?” explores the intriguing possibility of a collaboration between the iconic character Patrick Bateman from the American Psycho franchise and the popular video game. We delve into the rumors, speculations, and potential implications of such a crossover, providing readers with an insightful analysis of the potential partnership. While nothing has been confirmed yet, our article keeps readers informed and entertained, offering an exciting glimpse into the world of gaming and pop culture.

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