List of All Easter Eggs Found in Lethal Company With Location

Lethal Company, a game renowned for its thrilling gameplay and immersive environments, also harbors a fascinating array of Easter eggs. These hidden gems not only add an extra layer of intrigue but also enrich the gaming experience with secrets and surprises. This article delves into some of these Easter eggs, offering players a guide to uncovering these hidden treasures.

List of Every Easter Egg in Lethal Company

Lethal Company has over 7 Major Easter Eggs, that are listed down, with their exact location and How to Get Them!

Easter EggDescription
1. Experimental Map TapeFound on the first map, at the top of a small water tower.
2. Second TapeLocated at the end of a parkour challenge near the main entrance’s fire exit.
3. Company Moon TapeOn the Company Moon map, down a hatch and at the end of a catwalk.
4. Submarine Easter EggRevealed after a parkour challenge and activating a switch. Purpose unknown.
5. Company Building SecretAccessible between two ship containers on 71-Gordion Moon, leading to a possible submarine or drill.
6. Hidden ViewA view from the top of the Company Building on 71-Gordion Moon, reachable with a jetpack.
7. Lethal Company X Backrooms CrossoverA randomly spawning crossover room, offering a surprise for fans of both games.

1. The Experimental Map Tape

The first Easter egg can be found on the “Experimental” map, the very first map players encounter. After landing, players should head straight as if entering the main building but veer right towards a small water tower. Climbing to the top of this tower reveals a tape at the base, offering the first piece of hidden lore.

Lethal Company Easter Eggs

2. The Second Tape

For the second tape, players can jump off the water tower (thankfully, the game is forgiving regarding fall damage). Heading towards the main entrance, but instead taking a side path to a fire exit, leads to a parkour challenge. Successfully navigating this leads to a metal pipe, at the end of which lies the second tape, further unraveling the game’s lore.

3. Construction Cranes and Company Moon Tape

Interestingly, the game features construction cranes in the background on multiple maps, hinting at ongoing developments within the game’s universe. On the “Company Moon” map, another tape awaits. Players must exit the van, turn left, and descend a hatch. At the end of a catwalk, the final tape awaits, offering more insights into the game’s story.

4. Submarine Easter Egg in Lethal Company

A bonus Easter egg involves a submarine. After navigating a series of parkour challenges, players can find a switch on a platform that illuminates an area revealing a submarine. The purpose of this submarine remains a mystery, but it’s speculated that power cores found in the game might be used to activate it.

5. Company Building Secret

On the 71-Gordion Moon, a secret area can be accessed by going between two ship containers and descending a hatch. This leads to a platform with a switch that, when activated, reveals a mysterious contraption speculated to be either a submarine or a drill.

Lethal Company Easter Eggs

6. Hidden View

Another Easter egg is a hidden view on the 71-Gordion Moon, accessible only with a jetpack. Flying to the top of the Company Building reveals a breathtaking view, rewarding players who think to use the jetpack in this innovative way.

Lethal Company Easter Eggs

7. Lethal Company X Backrooms Crossover

A unique Easter egg is the randomly spawning Lethal Company x Backrooms crossover room. This Easter egg requires players to explore and survive the game’s challenges, offering a thrilling surprise for fans of both Lethal Company and the Backrooms.

To Wrap it all Up

“Lethal Company” is a game that rewards exploration and curiosity. These Easter eggs not only provide additional lore and fun surprises but also encourage players to look beyond the obvious paths and delve deeper into the game’s rich and detailed world. Whether it’s uncovering hidden tapes, theorizing about mysterious submarines, or enjoying breathtaking views, these Easter eggs add an extra layer of depth and enjoyment to an already captivating game.

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