Lies of P: Elysion Boulevard 221B Key Location

Are you confused about where to find the address at 221B Elysion Boulevard inside the Lies of P game from the Refuge’s Address image? Well, you’re in luck due to the fact we have all the information you need right here. Lies of P is an amusing game that is primarily based on Pinocchio and has gameplay much like RPGs like Soul. In this game, there are unique things to collect called Cryptic Vessels, and they’re simply exciting for folks who like locating treasure.

What are Cryptic Vessels?

Now, you are probably thinking about what these Cryptic Vessels are. Well, they’re mystery gadgets that can be hidden throughout the game world. Gathering them can be very thrilling, and they generally have crucial secrets and techniques or rewards. But, on the way to get to the valuable matters internal those secret boxes, you ought to remedy puzzles to free up them.

We have created a simple guide to help you clear up the puzzles and find out the hidden messages internal those mysterious Cryptic Vessels. If you’re an experienced player looking to increase your collection or a new participant excited to discover the sector of Lies of P, our manual will be there that help you along the way.

Lies of P Elysion Boulevard 221B

Where to Find Elysion Boulevard 221B in Lies of P

The address 221B Elysion Boulevard in Lies of P is linked to Sherlock Holmes, and it’s positioned on a rooftop. You can find it without a doubt near the Stargazer checkpoint, it’s called “Inside the House on Elysion Boulevard. “You could see each of them together because they’re very near.

If you determined the letter from the puppet at the bridge wherein you fought the Mad Donkey, you can use it to release the condo building at 221B. Inside, there’s a safe that you may release by way of using the strength of your robotic. If you do this, you’ll get things. First, you may get a piece of quartz on your P-organ (don’t snort. ) Second, you will get a unique dress referred to as the Owl Doctor’s Hunting Apparel. This outfit makes you resemble a nutcracker in an avocado-inexperienced color.

How to Find Key to The 221B Elysion Boulevard

To discover the hidden treasure at 221B Elysion Boulevard in Lies of P, you must finish a quick special task. First, keep playing the game until you get to the clock tower after the cathedral. At the top of the clock tower, there is a large metal container with fire. Push on it to make it fall, and it will make the liquid decay disappear. This shows a secret set of stairs. Walk down the stairs and open the chest at the bottom to get the Crafted Cryptic Vessel.

Bring this container to Venigni at the Hotel Krat so it can be decoded. The decoding will reveal an image of a puppet hanging above a bridge. This puppet is at the end of Elysion Boulevard, right before Krat Town Hall. Where you fought the Mad Donkey before. Aim at the puppet hanging in the air. Use a long-distance attack to make it let go of an item. This thing, together with the key, will show you the way to 221B Elysion Boulevard, where you can get your prize.

To Wrap it all Up

If you’re looking for the address 221B Elysion Boulevard in the Lies of P game. You’ve come to the right place. Lies of P is a game inspired by Pinocchio and has elements of RPG gameplay. It introduces us to something cool called Cryptic Vessels, which are like hidden treasures that make the game more exciting. These Cryptic Vessels are full of secrets, and you’ll need some clever thinking to figure them out.

Our guide is here to help you solve these puzzles and discover the hidden messages inside these mysterious Cryptic Vessels. Whether you’ve been playing the game for a while and want to expand your collection or if you’re new to Lies of P. Excited to explore, our guide will be there to assist you on your journey.

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