How to Beat Lies of P First Mini Boss Parade Master

“Lies of P” is a position-playing game that takes ideas from the Souls collection and tells a distinctive version of the story of Pinocchio in a tough and scary world. Created by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio, this game offers gamers the choice to choose exclusive approaches to combat, every with their special functions, as they go on an interesting adventure. Today, we are going to discuss How to Beat the Lies of P First Mini Boss; Parade Master.

The game came out on special gadgets in September 2023. In the game, gamers can discover an international that is mysterious and has a unique ecosystem. There are hard enemies to combat and the gameplay is very attractive. “Lies of P” is an online game that mixes an amazing tale with tough battles. It offers gamers an exciting and thrilling experience, specifically people who like thrilling and mysterious adventures.

Parade Master: First Mini-Boss

The Lies of P Parade Master boss fight is one of the first important fights in the game. This boss is very strong and uses powerful attacks against you. But here’s something surprising: the boss can remove its head and use it as a weapon. If you’re still learning how to play the game, don’t worry. This guide will show you how to beat the Parade Master and teach you some basics for defeating other bosses in the game.

How to Beat Lies of P First Mini-Boss: Parade Master

Lies of P First Mini Boss

The Lies of P Parade Master boss fight is a tough one, and you need to be cautious. It might seem like a good idea to rush in and attack, but the Parade Master uses heavy swings that cover a wide area, making it hard to get close. Here are some tips for dealing with this boss:

Be Patient: Because the Parade Master’s assaults have a wide range, you ought to hold again and watch for opportunities to strike. When he stops attacking, you can strike him. If you’re no longer positive in your blockading talents, step lower back when he starts swinging.

Perfect Parry: Improve your parrying skills. You can prevent all damage and build up the Parade Master’s stagger in case you time it successfully via urgent L1 as soon as his assaults land. His attacks are predictable, making him a brilliant opponent for precise parrying practice.

Attack from Behind: Try to go behind the Parade Master. His attacks often make his back open to getting hit, so that’s a good chance to attack. If you can stand behind him right after he attacks, use your Legion Arm to deal a lot of damage.

Save Throwables: Things like Thermite and Cells can be thrown to cause harm, but there are only a certain number of them that can be used. Keep them for when the Parade Master is almost out of health, ideally in the last part of his health bar.

Phase 2 of Parade Master

When the Parade Master’s health reaches half, he cuts off his head and wields it as a club, ushering in phase 2. He’s prone for the duration of this transition, so hit him while he is going via it.

If you are having problems with the combat, recall grinding and leveling up. The route to the boss is an incredible spot to advantage of Ergo and purchase greater materials. Building your person assists you in winning the battle.

To Wrap it all Up

The Parade Master boss combat is a venture that happens early in the game. In this combat, the boss suggests that it can use its head as a weapon. To win against this very strong enemy, it is critical to be an affected person due to the fact the Parade Master’s attacks move anywhere. Improving your potential to block assaults may be very important, and attacking the boss from the lower back whilst they may be not organized can cause several harm. Wait till the boss’s health is low before the usage of throwable gadgets. Also, by doing loads of grinding and growing your stage before the struggle, you may have a higher risk of triumphing.

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