Lies of P: Frozen Feast Location & Walkthrough

In the game Lies of P you play as a puppet created by way of Geppetto, just like the story of Pinocchio. But right here, things are a great deal scarier. You are in a town known as Krat. It was once active, however now it has end up crazy. To live alive, you want to get properly at preventing and make complicated choices about what is moral and immoral. Today, we are going to discuss Lies of P Frozen Feast location and an overall guide.

The game also has unique matters called Cryptic Vessels, which are like mysterious treasure chests. They have secret things and messages internal. Discovering and establishing those unique gadgets helps us study extra about the secretive and enigmatic city of Krat and its inhabitants. It’s a horrifying and amusing adventure.

What are Cryptic Vessels?

In the game, there are unique gadgets referred to as Cryptic Vessels. There are six Vessels, and you can find them in exceptional locations in the game with the aid of looking around. If you find out one, you may deliver it to Venigni, who will help you in revealing its hidden records.

Lies of P Frozen Feast

Most of those packing containers have suggestions that lead to prizes such as more potent armor or fashionable clothing. If you determine out all of the hidden records in those Cryptic Vessels, you’ll get hold of the Veteran Explorer fulfillment, that is a reward for being an fantastic explorer in the game.

Best Motivity Weapons Lies of P

Lies of P Frozen Feast Location

To figure out the Mechanical Cryptic Vessel in Lies of P, you’ll have to use a special weapon called the Frozen Feast. You can obtain Lies of P Frozen Feast by beating Champion Victor and then giving his special item called “Reborn Champion’s Ergo” to Alidoro.

Lies of P Frozen Feast

Once you have the Frozen Feast, go to the Abandoned Apartment Stargazer in chapter 9. Here’s how to find the merchant who needs the Frozen Feast:

  • Go upstairs in the apartment and exit through the top floor.
  • Turn right and walk past a big sign on the ground.
  • Keep going past a gate but don’t go through it.
  • Cross over some blueish-blackish rocks acting like a bridge.
  • Take a right and then a left into an alleyway.
  • You’ll see two trees and a staircase; take the stairs on the right.

At the top, you will discover the individual that wishes the Frozen Feast. Get the Frozen Feast item and speak to the merchant to solve the Cryptic Vessel.

The merchant won’t be given your Frozen Feast, which is a superb aspect. Instead, he may be pleased with the advent and come up with the Red Fox’s Hunting Apparel and a Quartz as a praise. You can placed on the new gown by means of going to your clothes section inside the pause menu, and the Quartz may be used for the P-Organ in Hotel Krat.

To Wrap it all Up

In Lies of P, you play as a puppet made by using Geppetto, like within the Pinocchio tale, however with a scarier trade. The tale takes region in a creepy city called Krat. The metropolis was busy and energetic, however now it has emerge as chaotic and insane. To stay alive, you need to become professional in preventing and make tough decisions about proper and incorrect. Today, we will discover Lies of P Frozen Feast, in which it is and give you a detailed manual about it.

Cryptic Vessels are unique matters that can be determined at some stage in the game. They supply clues which could result in prizes inclusive of robust armor or fashionable garments. If you discern out all of the secrets and techniques in those packing containers, you will get the Veteran Explorer award for being truly correct at exploring.

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