Lies of P: Wine Location & Old Lady Quest Walkthrough

In the game “Lies of P,” you are in a scary and gloomy metropolis referred to as Krat. You open your eyes and discover that you are a puppet created by Geppetto, similar to in the story of Pinocchio. However, it’s far drastically more terrifying in this case. The metropolis is full of horrifying creatures and Crazy conduct. As you stroll around the town, you will discover extra tasks that will assignment your intelligence and decision-making talents. Today, we are going to talk about Lies of P Wine Location & Old Lady Quest Walkthrough.

The Old Lady Quest

While you investigate the secrets of the city, you will find additional tasks that challenge your intelligence and decisions. One of the things you can do is the “Old Lady at the Window” quest, which has made many players curious. If you are going on this adventure, here is a guide to help you find the hidden bottle of wine and complete the quest in Lies of P.

Lies of P: Wine Location for Old Lady Quest

Lies of P Wine

In the e book Lies of P, you have to wait till you get to chapter 7 to discover the wine. After beating the boss in bankruptcy 6, referred to as The King of Puppets, you may come to Lorenzini Arcade, where chapter 7 begins.

To find the wine and finish the Old Lady venture in Lies of P, comply with these instructions:

  1. Head straight through the large gate doors from the Lorenzini Arcade Stargazer.
  2. On your left, there’s a small entrance with stairs. Go down these stairs.
  3. Keep going until you reach the bottom of the basement and wine cellar.
  4. Right away, on the cupboard to your right, you’ll find the wine for the old lady.

You might also find the wine while casually playing in the Lorenzini Arcade area; it’s easy to spot. Once you get the wine, use a device called a Stargazer to teleport yourself to the entrance of Rosa Isabelle Street. Go back to the woman and give her the wine. She will be thankful and give you a special coin as a thank-you gift.

The Venigni Commemorative Coin is important because you can exchange it with Pulcinella for a Half Moonstone. This Half Moonstone is necessary to enhance weapons beyond level seven.

How to Use Old Lady’s Wine

In Lies of P wine is needed for an extra quest. You should give it to an old lady.

Here’s how to find her:

  • Use the Rosa Rosa Isabelle Street stargazer as your starting point.
  • Go through the gap in the railing and under the archway.
  • Keep walking until you can turn left and go up some stairs.
  • Take two more left turns, and you’ll hear coughing sounds.

You will see a window with the shape of a girl’s inner. This lady is unwell with a health circumstance. There is a condition named Petrification wherein someone is unable to move due to the fact there are dangerous puppets close by. She will She wishes for a bottle of wine, and you need to give it to her to help her. With what she asked for.

To Wrap it all Up

In the bizarre world of “Lies of P,” you awaken as a puppet within the spooky metropolis of Krat, which is a distinct model of the Pinocchio tale. The city is packed with scary creatures and ordinary activities. As you wander round this dark town, you will discover unique challenges that will check your intelligence and the alternatives you’re making. One of the interesting quests in the game is called “Old Lady on the Window. “ Here is a guide that will help you discover the hidden wine bottle and end the hunt.

In order to begin this adventure, you must get to Chapter 7 in the game. After you beat the boss in Chapter 6 known as “The King of Puppets,” you’ll visit Lorenzini Arcade to start Chapter 7. Here is how you could discover the wine and meet the Old Lady’s request.

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