Lords Of The Fallen Rune Tablet Guide

Discover strategies for enhancing your proficiency in weapon upgrading in our comprehensive Lords of the Fallen Rune Tablet Guide, featuring insights on the decision of whether to liberate Sparky.

In the early stages of your journey within Lords of the Fallen, you will encounter Gerlinde, a skilled blacksmith imprisoned within the confines of a cell. Once freed, she readily offers her services to enhance your weaponry.

Gerlinde’s weapon enhancement capabilities are extended beyond basic upgrades. She expresses her potential for further skill refinement if you assist her in obtaining a set of Rune Tablets. In total, there are three of these tablets to acquire, and each one bestows upon Gerlinde the proficiency to embed runes into your weapons and shields.

What Happens If You Give the Rune Tablet to Gerlinde and Sparky?

If you’ve yet to liberate Gerlinde, you’ll find her confined within a cell as you navigate the latter section of Pilgrim’s Perch Descent.

To secure her freedom, dispatch the patrolling knight in the vicinity. Eliminating this knight and subsequently interacting with his remains will grant you the Prison Cell Key, which can then be used to unlock Gerlinde’s cell.

Upon returning to the hub area, you’ll notice Gerlinde has transformed the previously unoccupied forge into her workspace. Additionally, you’ll observe that she has a captive companion named Sparky, and this connection will hold significance in the unfolding events.

Should you opt to offer the Rune Tablet to Sparky, he’ll no longer be obligated to labor for Gerlinde. In gratitude, he will impart knowledge to you on enhancing weapons at Vestiges, which is undeniably valuable. However, be mindful that this decision will greatly displease Gerlinde, leading her to increase the prices of all her merchandise in the shop.

Lords of the Fallen Rune Tablet Locations


Each of the three Rune Tablets bears a striking resemblance to standard pickups found within the game world, characterized by their appearance as yellow orbs, each adorned with a delicate wisp of light hovering above.

The initial tablet is situated within Fitzroy’s Gorge, typically encountered when you progress through the central cave section of the region. Upon traversing the Umbral bridge that extends from the wooden ramp, continue onward and pass through the gap in the wall. Should this be your initial visit to this area, you’ll come across Drustan after your descent. Proceed past him, and you’ll discover the Chipped Rune Tablet perched above the primary pathway.


The second tablet is located along the primary route in the Upper Calrath Mining District. As you advance, you’ll encounter a door leading into a relatively well-preserved building. Upon descending, you’ll notice a pair of adversaries near a fireplace. The Chipped Rune Tablet can be found right by this fireplace.


The ultimate tablet is concealed within a chest located in the Tower of Penance. This chest can be located near the tower’s summit, after descending several floors, leading you to one of the layers featuring grated flooring.

Should You Give the Tablet to Sparky or Gerlinde?

Upon your return to Gerlinde with the last tablet, a decision awaits you. You face the choice of adhering to the original plan by presenting it to Gerlinde or, alternatively, granting the tablet to Sparky to liberate him.

Opting to give the tablet to Sparky represents the more compassionate choice, an action that also results in the achievement or trophy known as “Travels Resumed.”

However, this choice holds practical advantages in terms of gameplay as well. When you entrust Sparky with the tablet, he will provide you with valuable guidance on enhancing equipment without relying on Gerlinde’s assistance. This newfound knowledge empowers you to upgrade your weapons and incorporate runes from any Vestige.

While Gerlinde warns that her services will incur higher charges due to this decision, it appears to only result in a slight increase in the Vigor cost for the items she offers.


Understanding the significance and locations of rune tablet in Lords of the Fallen is essential for players looking to enhance their character’s abilities and unlock hidden lore in the game. This article has provided a comprehensive guide to the rune tablets, offering insights, locations, and the lore they hold. As you explore the dark and challenging world of Lords of the Fallen, the knowledge shared in this guide will be your key to mastering the runes and delving deeper into the game’s narrative.

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