All Magical Creatures in Hogwarts Legacy

We ask the Ministry of Magic which magical creatures from Hogwarts could be good friends to us and which ones might see us as food. When you mix ideas of mystery and supernatural powers, you get a fascinating variety of creatures, people, and ghosts that exist in the world of Hogwarts.

Hogwarts Magical Creatures Classification Level

It’s impossible to predict what Hogwarts magical creatures you’ll meet, the Ministry of Magic developed a categorization system in 1750 to organize magical creatures by perceived level of danger.



the most well-known animal in the area, owls are discreet and efficient, making them ideal for delivering packages in the Wizarding Realm, where their attunement to magic enables them to locate a Witcher wizard without an address.

the game’s menus, the game’s owlry, and even the owlry’s own menu area are all devoted to a masculine trait about which we know little to nothing.



The following creature is a fluffy tiny critter known as a mooncalf, which can be recognized by its long neck and enormous, bulging eyes; it is best known for dancing under a full moon.

This effect could be used in-game to make magical plants grow quicker and stronger, which you could then employ in your own herbology projects in the proper chamber. You may then grow these creatures in the vivarium and use their fur to increase your character’s attributes and equipment in Hogwarts Legacy.



These next creatures are arguably one of the cutest in the game but supposedly they’re noisy and obnoxious and their song may really Drive the owner nuts. The fwooper isn’t well-known to fans, although they’re found all throughout the Wizarding World. Their feathers are used as quills, and they’re a fixture of many menageries across the globe since their singing has such negative consequences. These birds have a quiet charm that makes them more controllable.



The Kneazle is a magical cat with a lion-like tail and spotted hair. They are incredibly clever and have a great sense of understanding. The genuine aim of a person. The most prominent Kneazle was Hermione’s pet of choice, the half-bred Crookshanks. If you possess one of these and they don’t like you, you’re in for a trip.



Next up is Nifflers, who are platypus-like animals that love to steal and probably get away with a lot since they’re so adorable. With a huge pouch in the front, they’ll cruise the region and grab anything sparkly enough to add to their collection, despite their placid and charming demeanor.


The Hippogriff is one of the most recognizable creatures. It is famous for its immensely proud nature and is often seen adorning the land in the form of statues or paintings. Breeding these majestic creatures was actually a notable career and as such comes with many restrictions and warnings. Being as proud as it is, the proper way to show respect was to Bow while maintaining eye contact and waiting for the Beast to Bow back if offended it may attack.

Golden Snidget


If you come across one of these creatures, you’ll almost certainly need a magnifying glass. This one is a Golden Snidget soaring about, they are bird-like creatures that were originally utilized in quidditch. Because of their weak bodies, they grew endangered over time and were eventually replaced with the mechanical golden snitch. It is very prohibited to capture these creatures.



Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them introduced audiences to the tough-skinned tiger-like graph horn. The mountain inhabitants have an intriguing blend of characteristics ranging from a tiger-like prowl to mouth-covering tentacles. We look to have many encounters with creatures throughout the game, including the chance to tame and add them to our vivarium. Indicating that we’ll most likely save these creatures from apprehension, much like a poacher. While you care for them, they will also provide you with resources to utilize for improvements and potions.



They are categorized as creatures. We also wanted to showcase them here. Centaurs, who are adept in divination, have been a part of the Hogwarts Mythos since its inception. Centaurs in The Wizarding World are strong-willed but often aloof, spending years perfecting their particular brand of seeing their Defenders of territory in the Forbidden Forest, which, as the trailers and showcases indicate, is where we’ll most likely run into them as we enter this area of the game.


Strong-willed and stupid There aren’t any other words to characterize trolls. In fact, they were so stupid that the lowest possible score on a Wizarding test was named troll. Because of their lack of intellect, these creatures are very hostile and have never had a rhyme or reason for their actions. They were particularly drawn to bad smells, which landed them in hot water with the townspeople. There are numerous varieties of trolls that you will most likely encounter, including mountain and forest trolls, which may be more prevalent in the wild as you explore.


Thestrals are another four-legged winged Hogwarts magical creatures we come upon. You can’t really confuse them for anything else. These winged horses with skeleton bodies are only visible to those who have experienced death. If you see one of them, it is thought to be a bad omen. We’ll face this as a mount as part of the dark arts premium content. Maybe as part of the official tale. We may even be able to include them in our vivarium.


This creature was discovered at the official BTS showcase. We had no idea what we were looking at. First, we turned to the fans, and they did not disappoint turns out, this is a Kelpie. A shape-shifting water demon capable of taking any form that lurched through streams and rivers. The Loch Ness Monster is an excellent analogy. These creatures were believed to trap travellers onto their backs before dragging them underwater and devouring them. They can be made tame with the placement charm if you know what you’re doing.


I despise the following creatures. The Acromantula may be found in the Forbidden Forest at any time. Huge spiders with a taste for humans. They were generated by experimental breeding before but it was prohibition in 1965. Acromantula was often employed to protect special areas or treasures. They hunted in huge social colonies and lived in vast social colonies. So don’t expect to be able to isolate and fight just one, you’ll get the entire bunch.


Dragons in particular The Aberdeen black dragon is regarded as one of the most dangerous species in the British Isles. It is easily identified by its characteristic black scales, bright purple eyes, and forward-facing horns. It was shown multiple times that we’ll have some near encounters with these creatures and even saw the evident remnants of the same species hanging on exhibit in the defense against the dark arts school. We’ve only seen these dragons once before in one of Portkey’s previous games The Hogwarts Mysteries.


We have the classic werewolf or lycanthrope, with its human-like appearance and wolf characteristics. They were people who would impulsively transform into wolves as the full moon rose. If you’ve ever been bitten by a werewolf, you’ve tragically joined their ranks. Fenrir Greyback and Remus Lupine were important characters in the novels and films. Werewolves have only appeared in the game as concept art in this behind-the-scenes preview.



You’ve probably heard of the soul-sucking wraiths known as Dementors. We’ve only seen one instance of this Inside game footage, and it was very early in the unveiling trailer. We can only assume here since it implies that we may visit Azkaban or another protected and tortured situation. They may also be used to gate content and keep us out of areas. 


The magical creatures at Hogwarts are many different types and really interesting. Every living thing in the Harry Potter world, like house elves and dragons, have special abilities and traits that make them important parts of the magical world. These special creatures bring even more magic and wonder to the stories at Hogwarts, making the school truly enchanting.

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