How to Play as Breach in Valorant – Complete Guide

Breach is a very effective player in Valorant who can confuse and distract opponents by going through walls and obstacles. He has weapons to control crowds like blinding, lifting up, and shocking his opponents. Breach is mainly an attacker, but his abilities can also be used for defense by slowing down and pushing away enemies. However, because his special ability can impact the people on your side, working together and exchanging information with your team are very important. Look at the range marks on the minimap when using your abilities to be more accurate. Pay attention to sounds to increase your chances of succeeding as one of the few agents who can stop or defuse spike placement. You can use Breach’s features better if you follow these guidelines.

Eveything About Breach in Valorant

Breach performs the duties of an Initiator, one of the several roles each character in the game possesses. He has abilities that may help him and his allies take control of certain sections of the map and lay claim to them. He must launch an attack on one of the bomb locations so that his colleagues may defeat the opponents without any difficulty and win the round.

Breach Valorant Abilities

The breach is a Valorant agent that focuses on using his arsenal of potent skills to disrupt and confuse the opposition team’s placement. With the help of his Aftershock ability, he can shoot a line of explosive charges through walls, doing heavy damage and upsetting enemies. His Flashpoint ability causes any foes in its field of influence to become blinded. Although Rolling Thunder, his ultimate ability, releases a long-range seismic charge that stuns foes in its path and obstructs their movement and aim, Fault Line generates a seismic wave that disorients and stuns adversaries. Breach is an asset to any squad because to his skills, particularly when assaulting or defending against established opponent positions.


        Usage Times: 1 per round

        Damage Inflicted: 60/shot

        Costs: 200 creds

Breach has the ability to launch a delayed explosive charge that can penetrate through walls and inflicts more damage to adversaries nearer to the explosion range. Although it’s not a reliable method to get kills due to its sluggishness and the fact that enemies can dodge it once detected, it excels in eradicating enemies hiding in tight spaces, corners, and controlling areas.

Upon initiating the casting of Aftershock, a personalized crosshair will surface on your display, indicating the direction in which the ability will be cast. If the crosshair is yellow, it indicates that the ability can be utilized in that specific spot. Conversely, if the crosshair turns red, it implies that the ability cannot be cast in that location. When using Aftershock, Breach launches a volley of three explosive charges at the designated target, with each charge inflicting 60 damage, thus resulting in a total of three charges available for use.

In situations where you’re walking down a hallway and are aware of an opponent’s position behind a wall, simply shoot the Aftershock charge at their cover, wait for them to emerge, and try to avoid it, and voila! The kill is yours. Similarly, if an enemy is charging at you down a path, fire an Aftershock charge in their direction to intimidate them and dissuade them from taking the damage. You can only carry one charge at a time, so use it judiciously throughout the round.


        Usage Times: 2 per round

        Flashes the opponents

        Costs: 250 creds each


Flashpoint is another potent and vexing ability that can cause distress to the opponent. When using this ability, you need to aim the flash at the wall, blinding anyone who stares at it, friend or foe. As it can penetrate walls, it can be used to punish opponents camping in narrow angles and catch a team off guard that has not yet set up a defense. Typically, by the time the flash detonates, you will have re-equipped your weapon, providing you with ample time to push forward before your enemies regain their vision.

As soon as you initiate the casting of Flashpoint, a tailored crosshair will emerge on the screen, demonstrating the direction in which the ability will be cast. If the crosshair appears yellow, it denotes that the ability can be employed at that spot. Conversely, if the crosshair turns red, it implies that the ability cannot be activated in that location.

There are numerous applications for Flashpoint. You can use two flashes at once to cover different angles, progress gradually through tight chokepoints, or flash together with a teammate to make a coordinated push. It’s especially useful on bomb sites since few adversaries anticipate getting hit by an ability through the site’s cover, let alone being flashed. Another tactic, which may appear illogical at first, is to willingly surrender some territory to the enemy, whether in mid or on a point like B on Bind.

Fault Line

        Usage Times: 1 + a recharge after every 35 seconds

        Concusses Opponents & Teammates

        Costs: Free, Rechargeable


Breach’s signature ability is Faultline, which can be used every 35 seconds to trigger a quake in a straight line that will daze all players caught within its range. The ability can be charged to make it travel further, but the daze effect will last about two seconds, regardless of the distance traveled. Faultlines can be very useful in protecting pushes, displacing opponents from high ground or corners, and clearing corners. It can also be used as a setup tool for teammates by timing its use on a corner the team is checking, allowing them to easily defeat any lurking enemies. However, it should be noted that Faultline can stun teammates as well, so its usage should be carefully considered.

Rolling Thunder

        Usage Times: Requires Ultimate to be Ready

        Concusses and Throws up Opponents & teammates for long

        Costs: 7 ult points collection


Breach’s ultimate, Rolling Thunder, shares some similarities with Fault Line but inflicts greater damage. This ultimate ability launches enemy players into the air, disorientates them, and makes them vulnerable to a subsequent assault. As with Fault Line, if your allies are in the way of Rolling Thunder, they too will be stunned. So plan with your team and ensure they are out of harm’s way before you unleash your ultimate. Deploy Rolling Thunder as you would Fault Line. In tight lanes, to get the most benefit from it and create a successful offensive. It’s important to note that this ultimate can also affect your teammates. So make sure to communicate with your team before initiating Rolling Thunder.

How to Play Breach on Defense

Playing Breach on defense can be a challenging but rewarding experience. As an initiator, its abilities are focused on disrupting enemy attacks and controlling the battlefield. One of the key strategies when playing it on defense is to use his abilities to slow down enemy pushes and force them to play on your terms.

Use Fault Line to deter enemies from entering key chokepoints or to flush them out of hiding spots. You can also use Aftershock to clear corners and prevent enemies from sneaking up on you. When defending a bombsite. Use Rolling Thunder to delay enemy pushes or to open up opportunities for your team to take them out.

Remember to communicate with your team and coordinate your abilities to maximize their effectiveness. With the right strategy and teamwork, it can be a powerful force on defense.

How to Play Breach on Attack

As an initiator, It is an excellent choice for an attacking team. His abilities can open up new angles and clear areas for his teammates to push through. To play It on the attack, it is essential to communicate and coordinate with your team. Use Fault Line to clear out corners and disrupt enemies before pushing into a site. Use Flashpoint to blind defenders or force them to reposition, giving your team an opening to take control. Aftershock is useful for flushing out enemies who are hiding behind the cover or in tight spaces. Finally, Rolling Thunder is an excellent tool for pushing defenders back and opening up the site for a coordinated attack.

You will always be behind your peers if you play it. All of his skills are intended to aid friends in entering the area and stop enemies from killing. You can play far from the squad as a lurker and don’t have to go first or vice versa. Be close to your teammates at all times, particularly if they play duelists.

Wrap it all Up

Breach is an effective initiator agent in Valorant. He possesses a multitude of abilities that enable him to command the battlefield and disrupt hostile operations. His Aftershock ability is useful for manoeuvring around corners and sharp angles. While Flashpoint can be utilised to blind and confound opponents. Faultline can be used to chase enemies away from high ground or encampments. Furthermore, Rolling Thunder is a game-changing ultimate that can eliminate opponents and open up space for powerful assaults. His abilities may also shock or disrupt friendly players, necessitating excellent teamwork with adequate collaboration and planning. Breach in Valorant could help any group looking to dominate the fight.

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