League of Legends Mastery Chart & How to Create It?

Mastery Chart: The mastery system was introduced in 2015 to recognise how much money players put into a champion. It assesses your progress based on your abilities. When you win a game, you earn CP (champion points) for the champion you defeated. You level up and receive rewards as you earn more CP.

All champions begin at Mastery Level 1 and have no CP. You can advance in rank and receive more goodies by playing and earning CP. Your top three champions are displayed in your profile, and the mastery level for each champion you own and have played is displayed on the champions’ website. It’s a method to demonstrate your dedication and success alongside your favourite champions!

What is Mastery Chart in League of Legends?

Mastery Chart is a utility that displays your champion mastery data in visually appealing charts. It makes use of the champion iconography and colours from the game to make it more engaging. You can compare your mastery levels and points with your friends and the best players on the leaderboard using these charts.

The bubble chart, which displays your champion skill levels in a cyclical fashion, is one of the nicest features. The larger the bubble, the higher the level of mastery, and the colour indicates the champion’s class. This allows you to easily compare your points and classes, making it simple to identify your favourite playstyles and new champions to try. You may even click and drag the bubbles to learn more!

Features of The Chart

The bubble chart is one of Mastery Chart’s interesting features. In a spherical shape, it displays your champion mastery levels. The larger the bubble, the greater your degree of mastery. The colour represents the champion’s class or category. This chart allows you to compare your points for various classes and champions. It’s wonderful for discovering new champions to try and exploring new playstyles. You can even click and drag the bubbles to find out additional information!

Mastery Chart

The sunburst chart is another fantastic feature. It can display your mastery levels or points for each class in a unique manner. The outer ring displays single champions, while the inner rings organise them by class. This graph shows how your mastery scores in various classes compare and add up to your overall mastery level.

Mastery Chart also features a simple navigation mechanism that allows you to navigate between accounts, regions, and servers. You can also compare your progress to that of your friends or the best players on different servers.

Mastery Chart is an excellent tool for understanding and analysing your champion mastery data in League of Legends, whether you play for fun or wish to master all the champs. Give it a shot and see how it works for you!

How to Create a Mastery Chart?

You may have seen a surge in League of Legends mastery charts on social media recently. These charts depict many champions in various sized bubbles. Everyone is talking about the Mastery Chart, which shows their Mastery Points for each champion. It’s simple to create your own League of Legends Mastery Chart. Simply go to masterychart.com and type your Summoner name inside the “Search a Summoner…” search window. Before you begin searching, make sure you have selected the relevant region.

You’ll see a unique infographic of your Champion Masteries after entering your name. The champions can be sorted by Mastery Level, class, or Hextech Chests earned. You can also select from two other infographic styles: Packed or Ordered.

You may view each champion’s Mastery scores by clicking on their name, and you can rearrange the bubbles before sharing your Mastery Chart. Scroll down to see each Champion’s Mastery score, just like in the League of Legends client. It’s a great method to demonstrate your champion prowess!

To Wrap it all Up

The League of Legends Mastery Chart is an excellent resource for recognising players’ devotion to their champions. It measures your development using skill-based progression and pays you with CP (champion points) for winning games with a champion. By going to masterychart.com and entering your Summoner name, you may make your own Mastery Chart.

The chart includes bubble and sunburst charts that clearly depict your champion mastery levels and points. It’s simple to compare your progress to that of your friends and the best players on the leaderboard. The League of Legends Mastery Chart is a fun and engaging method to exhibit your champion prowess and measure your progress!

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