A New Dragon Ball FighterZ Game Is In The Works

A new game within the Dragon Ball FighterZ series is currently in development, and the series producer, Tomoki Hiroki, has hinted at something thrilling “in the pipeline” for the beloved fighting game series.

While the Dragon Ball franchise is often associated with its enduring anime series, it has also made a significant impact in the gaming world. With successful franchises like the Xenoverse series, the Tenkaichi games, and more, each new release attracts millions of players.

However, one Dragon Ball game that sometimes receives less attention compared to these other titles is Dragon Ball FighterZ. This particular game offers a Street Fighter-inspired approach to the iconic anime series.

In a recent interview, Masayuki Hirano, the producer of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2, shared insights with fans about how the broader Dragon Ball games team collaborates on each release. He highlighted their concentrated focus on one project at a time.

Dragon Ball FighterZ Devs Confirm they have another Game in The Popular Series


“I want fans to understand that we approach these games as a unified team. It’s not a competition among titles; we all belong to the Dragon Ball Games team. Our collective effort is dedicated to creating Dragon Ball games that fans can eagerly anticipate. Presently, we have an exciting new release in the works.”

Tomoko Hiroki, the producer of FighterZ, further disclosed that the team is actively engaged in developing the rollback netcode for the game. He also dropped hints about a forthcoming project that promises to be fresh and captivating.

In a translation from Japanese to English, Hiriko expressed, “Indeed, that’s correct! There’s an upcoming release to look forward to! Stay tuned!”

Dragon Ball FighterZ

The FighterZ producer also clarified, “We organize the annual Dragon Ball Games Battle Hour event, and 2024 will be no exception. Personally, I would like to continue hosting this event for as long as possible. If you’re interested, please explore our past event archives!”


The news of a new Dragon Ball FighterZ game in development has ignited excitement among fans of the Dragon Ball franchise and the fighting game community. This article has explored the anticipation and expectations surrounding this upcoming title, shedding light on the growing buzz. As fans eagerly await more information, it’s clear that the announcement of a new Dragon Ball FighterZ game is a significant point of interest for enthusiasts of the series.

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