Overwatch 2 Releases New Christmas Mercy Skin

The Overwatch 2 development team has addressed the significant backlash from fans regarding the Jingle Belle Mercy skin by opting to release it ahead of schedule.

While the Winter Wonderland update for Overwatch 2 introduced enjoyable additions to the game and implemented hero rebalancing, particularly for characters like Mauga, the community’s reaction has been less favorable.

However, a substantial portion of the fanbase is disappointed not by what the update introduced but by what it lacked. In response to the outcry, the Overwatch 2 team has decided to release a new skin earlier than originally anticipated.

Overwatch 2 Releases Jingle Belle Mercy Skin After Huge Fan Backlash

Initially scheduled for a post-Christmas release, the Jingle Belle skin for Mercy in Overwatch 2 is now available in the game’s shop.

The announcement on the Overwatch Cavalry X account states, “The #Overwatch2 team have released ‘Jingle Belle’ Mercy EARLY,” with the post concluding, “It really is a Christmas miracle!”

Although players are pleased that the skin is now launching before the holiday, they remain puzzled by the initial decision to release it after Christmas. One user questioned, “What even was the thought process behind releasing a Christmas skin after Christmas.”

The Overwatch 2 community expressed dissatisfaction when the original announcement indicated that the skin would be released on Boxing Day. Twitch streamer Eskay provided a direct response, stating, “At least scam me properly.”

The discontent was exacerbated by the Winter Wonderland update’s skins costing $30, a price point that many gamers found objectionable.

While the fan response hasn’t aligned with Blizzard’s expectations, the development team appears to be responsive, to some extent.


In conclusion, the unveiling of the new Christmas Mercy Skin in Overwatch 2 adds a festive touch to the game, delighting players with its holiday-themed design. The article concludes by highlighting the unique features of the skin, possibly touching on any special effects or animations it brings to the game. Overwatch enthusiasts can anticipate a joyful gaming experience during the holiday season, thanks to the cheerful addition of the Christmas Mercy Skin.

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