Overwatch Contenders Drops Guide

Watching live games of Overwatch is lots of excitement. You can get cool stuff like skins and objects while you watch. It’s like a special present for being part of the movement. It makes watching the game even greater exciting and exciting. While watching games, practicing on Overwatch Contenders, you can also get drops, known as the Overwatch Contenders Drops. Today, we’ll be discussing how to get these Contenders Drops and what’s the most efficient way of securing them. So, lets get right into it!

What are Overwatch Contenders Drops

Overwatch Contenders, also known as “TIER 2”, is a massive series of professional Overwatch competitions that take vicinity all over the global, installation with the aid of Blizzard Entertainment. Contenders is a league for players who want to end up expert or professional gamers in Overwatch.

Overwatch Contenders is a place in which players can enhance their skills in the game and doubtlessly get observed through the Overwatch League. It’s like a unique faculty where players can learn and compete in a without a doubt, in a  serious way. It happens in various locations around the world, and individuals can earn coins and turn out to be famous by way of playing skillfully. They show new talents on videos and even more.

Overwatch Contenders Drops

How it Works

This is How it Works.

Sign Up

  • Create a brand new account.
  • Create a Battle.Net Account
  • Do you have already got an account. Please log in.

Link Your Accounts

  • Link your Twitch account to your Battle.Net
  • Connect your accounts

Enjoy Rewards

  • Get rewards for your efforts.
  • You can get rewards by way of watching live on our platforms. However, make certain you are logged in together with your linked account.
  • You need to have Overwatch 2. Don’t forget to get your rewards earlier than the campaign is over. Some unique regulations and regulations must be accompanied. You can locate extra statistics inside the respectable regulations.
Overwatch Contenders Drops

How to Collect Twitch Rewards

You want to acquire all rewards on Twitch throughout the campaign and inside the distinct time referred to inside the Official Rules and at the Overwatch Contenders Rewards Page. After you get your rewards on Twitch, they’ll seem on your account within 48 hours. To analyze extra approximately how to get your rewards, keep analyzing under. All progress you are making toward incomes rewards in a marketing campaign will reset once the campaign duration is over.

Overwatch Contenders Drops

OVERWATCH PATH TO PRO SUMMER SEASON Campaign 3: Active August 21—August 29
OVERWATCH PATH TO PRO SUMMER SEASON Campaign 3: Active August 21—August 29
OVERWATCH CONTENDERS MERCY As a FINALS EXCLUSIVE starting August 29, 2023, earn Overwatch Contenders Mercy skins (green and white) by watching 2 hours of LIVE matches on available platforms.

How to Compete in Overwatch Contenders

Who is Eligible

You need to obey the regulations if you want to take part. Your Battlenet accounts need to be ok and should not go against any rules set by means of Blizzard. In order to participate in Overwatch Contenders activities, you want to be at the least 13 years of age and meet all of the different qualifications.


You can best play in a single vicinity, region, area at a time. There are 5 areas: North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South Korea, and Australia.

Sign Up to Participate

Once you and your team create GameBattles accounts, you could sign in for competitions. Don’t overlook, you want to obey the rules in case you want to participate in Overwatch Contenders activities.

To Wrap it all Up

It is surely exciting to watch Live Overwatch Matches, in particular due to the fact you could get cool prizes like cosmetics and objects even as you watch. The drops of Overwatch Contenders makes playing even extra exciting. Overwatch Contenders, additionally called “TIER 2,” is a platform in which gamers can educate and potentially clutch the attention of the Overwatch League. To get hold of Drops, all you want to do is sign up, join your Twitch and Battle. Net money owed, and have a laugh earning rewards even as watching. Don’t overlook to get your rewards earlier than the marketing campaign is over. If you want to join the competition, simply comply with the regulations. You can take part in diverse regions like North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, South Korea, or Australia. Make GameBattles bills together with your group so that you can sign up and take part in Overwatch Contenders occasions.

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