Payday 3: How to Stealth Gold & Sharke

The intricate Gold & Sharke stealth heist in Payday 3, resembling Payday 2’s Benevolent Bank mission, involves stealing a server and a substantial sum of money from a large New York bank. Accomplishing this mission without triggering an alarm can be challenging, but fear not – we have a comprehensive guide with tips to assist you.

Before diving into the heist, ensure you equip our recommended stealth loadout, as possessing specific skills will significantly enhance the smooth execution of your plan.

Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to successfully complete the Payday 3 Gold & Sharke heist in stealth. Our testing covers both Normal and Overkill difficulty levels, so be prepared for significant variations in guard layouts and objective spawns.

How to Stealth Gold & Sharke in Payday 3

Stealth Gold & Sharke in Payday 3

The Gold & Sharke bank is divided into three primary sections: the front lobby, the upper floor, and the vault lobby. Here are the observed guard spawns on Normal difficulty:

For optimal radio use during this heist, it is advisable to reserve them for the top floors. It is recommended not to mask up in the lobby area initially, as all objectives can be accomplished without doing so.

To commence, enter the lobby and approach the gate, which requires a Red Keycard for access. These keycards are located in the Loan Officer’s offices, with one on the right-hand side in the near corner and another on the far left.

Accessing the office requires a QR code, similar to Dirty Ice, found on cell phones scattered throughout the map. Explore other offices and the parking lot area for phones. We located one on a desk next to the Loan Officer’s office.

Once you obtain the code, hack into the office, and search for a red keycard. Exercise caution in this Secure Area to avoid detection by civilian or passing guards. Thoroughly explore files and cabinets until you secure the keycard, then return to the gate.

Gold & Sharke Door Code

Stealth Gold & Sharke in Payday 3

Utilize the keycard to unlock the gate and ascend the stairs. The door leading to the vault lobby is directly ahead, but access requires a vault lobby door code. Turn around and continue climbing the stairs. Shade will mention the need to hack into a server room to acquire the correct code, prompting you to search for a room filled with computers and servers.

This area is patrolled by at least two guards, depending on your chosen difficulty level. It’s advisable to remain unmasked for the time being to avoid detection. If you happen upon a Blue Keycard on a desk, be sure to grab it as it will be useful later.

Initiate the server hack upon discovery and await Shade’s confirmation. At a certain point during the hack, an error will occur, prompting you to obtain clearance from another PC located in a different office. Proceed to that office, being mindful of any civilians entering the server room, as they may become alerted by the ongoing hack.

Upon securing clearance from the other PC and completing the server room hack, you will receive four codes for the vault lobby door. Only one of these codes is correct, so test each one against the thumbprints on the keypad. For instance, if a code reads 3901, check for thumbprints corresponding to each of those numbers. If found, it indicates the correct code.

Gold & Sharke Vault Lasers

Stealth Gold & Sharke in Payday 3

Enter the Vault Lobby and observe the lasers. Engage with the keypad beside the door, and Shade will instruct you to hack four switch boxes. Each switch box is associated with a color and symbol, requiring you to activate the correct switch in each box.

On lower difficulty levels, these switch boxes are situated within the vault area, necessitating avoidance of cameras. Conversely, on higher difficulties, they are relocated to the second-floor area. Each switch activation presents a new color and symbol, so ensure you return to the vault to interpret the updated clue or have a teammate convey it to you.

You can now choose to mask up, but exercise caution as you still need to navigate the upper floor. Upon flipping the last switch, return to the vault door and interact with the interface once more to deactivate the lasers.

Gold & Sharke Open Vault

Finally, to access the vault, you must activate a remote signal from the manager’s office, situated on the upper floor’s far side from the vault lobby. A Blue Keycard is required to enter this office. If you haven’t obtained one yet, it can be found either on a desk in any second-floor office or carried by a bank teller in a dark blue suit roaming around the upper floor.

The subsequent step demands precise timing. Within the manager’s office, there’s a PC that requires interaction to unlock the vault doors. Simultaneously, you’ll need to employ the keycard on the reader back at the vault. Both actions must be executed nearly simultaneously.

If playing with two or more players, each can handle one post, activating the mechanisms separately. If solo, hack the PC, initiate the unlock, and swiftly return to the vault while evading guards and uncontrolled civilians. You have around 30 seconds to open the vault with the keycard before it relocks.

Successful timing is evident when the vault is ready to open by interacting with the wheel. Open it, enter, and bag up all the money on the central table. Don’t forget to explore the side and back rooms, lockpicking the gates and checking cabinets for a server that needs to be secured to complete the heist.

Gold & Sharke Escape Van

Securing the bags becomes crucial, and the designated van is situated within the underground parking lot. However, this task can be challenging without the elevator access favor. In such cases, each bag must be transported through the lobby and downstairs to the underground area, potentially risking exposure to civilians and guards in that vicinity.

Descend the stairs to the bottom floor, take a right turn, then turn right again at the end to locate the door leading to the underground area, which requires lockpicking. With agility, you can avoid being detected. Transport all bags to this underground space and deposit them in the van.

Having the elevator access favor significantly reduces the risk, allowing you to use the elevator in the vault lobby to move the bags directly to the parking lot. This streamlined process eliminates the need for anyone in the lobby to notice your movements. Learn more

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