Best Strategy To Get More PEG E Tokens in Monopoly GO

Monopoly GO, the popular mobile adaptation of the classic board game, has captivated players worldwide with its dynamic gameplay and engaging events. One such event, the PEG-E robot game, has become a fan favorite, offering a unique challenge and the opportunity to win exciting prizes. This article delves into the strategies and tips for mastering PEG-E in Monopoly GO, drawing insights from various online discussions and guides. Today we are going to discuss Best PEG E Monopoly GO Strategy

What is The PEG-E Mini-Game in Monopoly GO

PEG-E is a mini-game within Monopoly GO, characterized by its pachinko-like mechanics and the chance to win valuable prizes, including Prize Drop chips. Players drop tokens into a board filled with bumpers, aiming to land them in specific areas to maximize their rewards.

How to Get More PEG-E Chips in Monopoly GO

Participate in Events and Tournaments: Monopoly GO frequently hosts events where players can earn PEG-E tokens by landing on specific tiles like railroads, chance, and community chest tiles. Tournaments also offer a plethora of rewards, including the coveted tokens.

PEG E Monopoly GO Strategy

Daily Gifts: Regular players benefit from daily gifts every eight hours. These gifts become more lucrative when PEG-E is active, often containing dice, sticker packs, and PEG-E tokens.

Multiplier Utilization: The multiplier function in Monopoly GO is a critical strategy element. Players aim to acquire at least 200 tokens to unlock significant multipliers, potentially reaching x30 or higher. These multipliers are especially effective in bumper challenges, where fewer hits can lead to equivalent rewards.

How to Get Higher Scores

  • Strategic Play: Players should adopt well-calibrated gameplay strategies, such as the “no build strategy” or setting tangible dice goals (e.g., hoarding 1,000 dice without construction).
  • Focus on Bumpers and High-Value Targets: Initially, target bumpers and then shift focus to the center or other high-value targets to ensure a hefty points tally.
  • Navigating the Prize Drop: Engage with the Prize Drop feature by selecting the preferred multiplier and choosing the chip’s descent path. Success hinges on hitting a bumper multiple times before guiding the chip close to the center hole.
  • Building Up Coins: Some players suggest accumulating about 100 coins before using them in PEG-E, while others recommend saving up to 1,000 coins for higher multipliers.
  • Using Coins As You Go: An alternative strategy is to use coins as you receive them, aiming for better rewards incrementally.
  • Choosing Drop Points: Players have found success by dropping tokens from the far left or right, focusing on areas with dice or coin drops.
  • Prize Progression: Be aware that prizes in PEG-E wrap around, meaning after reaching certain high-level rewards, more prizes become available.

To Wrap it all Up

Mastering PEG-E in Monopoly GO requires a blend of strategic planning, understanding of the game mechanics, and learning from the community. By participating in events, utilizing daily gifts, and employing effective gameplay strategies, players can maximize their rewards in this engaging mini-game. Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to Monopoly GO, applying these strategies will enhance your PEG-E experience and increase your chances of winning big. Remember, the key to success in PEG-E, as in Monopoly GO at large, is a combination of strategy, patience, and a bit of luck.

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